Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Personal Take On My Chickens

Hello. Its my second entry and I am so excited about this! I want to thank everyone that has left such welcoming comments for me. Its nice to find a place where everyone is so welcoming. In my last entry I wrote a brief intro on myself. I thought I would take the time this evening to introduce you to my pride and joy, my chickens.

I know that some of you may only consider chickens as a food source. I myself enjoy a juicy piece of grilled chicken, when I am given the chance. But I have found that chickens can serve a greater purpose, pets! You may be thinking, how can an animal as small and insignfigent as a chicken make a great pet? But, I assure you myself, that chickens are wonderful pets. They are very entertaning and humorous. So let me introduce you to the flock now.

First up, is Chocolate. I will have to admit, she is my favorite. She is a 4 1/2 year old Black Star, and has been a very faithful egg layer. She has an independent spirit. She takes no authority from the head rooster. Her favorite area to roam on the hometead, are the woods behind the coop.

Next is Talladega, or Dega for short. She is a 3 1/2 year old Black Mincora, and my second favorite. She has also been a very faithful layer over the years. Dega loves to talk. She a distinct voice separate from the other birds, so you can always hear her running her mouth when she wants to come out the coop.

Third are the Bad Children. These are our eight, red star layers. We call them the bad children because they are always getting into what they ought not to. Like DM flower bed, or the broccoli patch, even snacking on the blueberry bushes!

Then, there are the roosters. Their names are Cup and Zale. Cup is the oldest rooster and the most feisty. He is always wanting to pick a fight with someone or something. Zale, is our big Rhode Island Red rooster. He’s a big baby, and afraid of his own shadow!

Oh! I almost forgot about my two showbirds! Their names are Darth Vader and Mrs. Dee. They are 4 year old Black Cochin bantams. Mrs. Dee hold a special place in my heart also. She has been the only one of our hens to hatch some babies for us. She hatched 4 this past summer.

Well, thats about it! You’ll be hearing me talking about my chickens even more in the future. But for now I hope maybe I have inspired you to possibly purchase a pet chicken of your own. They are fairly simple to keep, as long as you give them a clean loving home.

Until next time, May God Bless You!


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