Monday, December 22, 2008

Dead Rooster? Special Surprise? Goodies Galore?

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in the Lord. It feels like Christmas outside today. The temperature is 40 degrees. BRRRR!!! Unfortunatley the weatherman says its supposed to warm up in the next two days. It’s supposed to be 71 on Christmas.That stinks. I want the weather to be what it is today, then. But oh well! The Lord knows what we need best of all.

Even though it’s cold outside today, its bright and sunny. The sun shines really bright and warm in the backyard. So much, that is where my Rhode Island Red rooster has been sunbathing today. I love watching him lay there and warm up in the sun beside the backsteps. He almost looks dead at times. But all have to do is say "Zale", and he jumps straight up.

It’s not very sunny this time of year at the coop. That is where we keep all the "bad children" (the name my mom gave our flock of red stars because they are so active and mischievous), and my two pet hens, Chocolate and Dega. So today I decided to let them out the coop a bit earlier than normal so they would have an opportunity to go and sun themselves. Well I decided to run back to the house, due to how cold it was and when I turned around they were all flying after me! I guess my excitement to get inside rubbed off on them and made them more anxious to run free! It was a funny site to see. I love my chickens and each one’s personalitys.

This past weekend was a considerably quiet one. I am always so thankful for the quiet times to relax. Me, my brother, and my sister stayed home while my parents went out Saturday evening to do their Christmas shopping. I enjoyed myself. I watched the Waltons Christmas show, and my bro and sis played games with each other.

Sunday was a wonderful day. The preaching at church was encouraging, and we got a great surprise! A family that used to attend our church and then had to leave due to the Lord’s calling came for a visit. I was so happy to see them. I had become friends with their son and daughter while they were here and have missed them. It’s been over a year since I have seen them. So it was so nice to see them again.

Today I am kinda just "chilling out". I know, I’m so funny? Really, I spent the morning cleaning and this afternoon, I get to make sugar cookies with the family. Last year I missed this treat for some reason I don’t even remeber now. I don’t intend on missing it this year however. Tommorow and Christams Eve we get to make all kinds of candies and sweets. It’s the only time of year we get this amount of junk food.

I just thought of something. I think I now know why they put Christmas and New Years together. Because we need some sort of motivation to lose all that weight from all the sweets we consume during Christmas. Oh well!

I pray you have a wonderful day in the Lord!


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