Friday, January 16, 2009

Breaking Up the Monotony, and A Leson in Humility

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in the Lord. It is absolutly freezing in my part of NC today. The temperature only reached 32 today. Now I know to you Yankees and mid-westerners that’s probably pretty warm. But for my southern blood, I ain’t used to this. It’s freezin out there!

Well, its been a fairly enjoyable week for me. I’ve been busy with work and the usual goings on of life. I will surely be glad when I can get a job doing something else, besides waiting tables. Now, don’t take me wrong, I do enjoy waiting tables sometimes, but other times I HATE it!

It’s not the serving people that bothers me. I think waiting tables is an excellent way to teach someone humility. You have to bring people( that are sometimes hateful)their food to them and make sure they are happy and content. Also, cleaning other people’s messes will greatly teach one a servants heart, with alot of prayer of course. The Lord has taught me so much through it (He’s still teaching me).

But dealing with people who just insist on complaing about every little thing, are rude and hateful as possible, sayin their food is not done fast enough for them, or the tea tastes funny, try my patience greatly. I believe the Lord puts people in my way like that just to see how I will react.

Unfortunatley, my flesh gets in the ways at times. I want to be as mean and hateful right back. But I need to remember each time that happens, they are an unsaved soul, that needs the Lord and His grace. So, Lord help me to remember that each time someone is rude to me, they need to see You in me.

But I do enjoy the job at times. I have met some very kind people, that I have so enjoyed getting to know. Their mostly retired people, and can at times have some very interesting stories. I love seeing those certain ones come in the door.

I didn’t just work though this week. Yesterday I was able to break up the monotony. My parents went to get their taxes done, so they dropped me and my sister off at the mall. I was able to purchase myself a skirt at JC Penney for only $11! I thought that was a pretty good deal.

I also got myself a new purse. It was a leather giraffe print one. (Not real girrafe by the way. I am against using animals from the wild like that for fashion purposes). My mom is not too thrilled with it. She actually called it ugly! But I think it is kinda cute. It surely is different from anything I have ever bought. That is why I bought it though. I just wanted to do something really different. I enjoy doing that every now and then.

After my parents finished up with their buisness, my dad went back to work and my mom took us out to eat. That doesn’t happen often, by the way. We ate at Chick-Fil-A. I love their food!

Following lunch, we went ice-skating at the local rink. I love to ice-skate. I’m not very good at it, but I know how to stop and go. ; ) One day I would love to take lessons so I could perform the basics a little better.

I skated so much that when I returned home I was exhasuted! But it was great day. I came home and crashed. There was alot that needed to be done, but I was so tired, I said I’ll do it tommorow. Shame on me! ; )

Well, I need to get up and finish cleaning. I also need to go make sure the chickens will be warm enough tonight. It’s supposed to be 9 degrees tonight. We turned on a light in the coop last night so they would be warm enough. I’ll bet you anything the bad children (our red star hens) stayed up all night. Chocolate and Dega (my two pet chickens) were probably fussing for them to keep it down so they could get their beauty rest.

Well, I pray that you have a great day in the Lord. Stay warm!


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