Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Pretty Good Week So Far

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in the Lord. It’s quite chilly here in my part of NC. The temperature has only reached about 40, along with a bad wind chill.

But guess what!? It snowed again! I could hardly believe it. Snow, twice in one year for us. It’s almost a miracle. I woke up this morning, got ready for work, and then walked into the living room, then to the dining room. I then looked out our back door, and there it all was, big, fat, fluffy flakes falling softly to the ground. It was so gorgeous. I really wanted to stay home and play in it, but, my responsibilities come first.

It only snowed about a half-inch. By 10:30, it had stopped completley. Then the sun came out. By 12:30, it was all gone. That’s so sad to me. I didn’t even get to make a snowball. Oh well, maybe the Lord will see fit and send us a blizzard with a foot. You never know.

I don’t have to go to class this evening. My teacher called about 10am and told me they were not holding any evening classes. Even though I enjoy my class, I’m sorta glad. It means I get to go to church. I always enjoy Wednsday night services. It breaks up the monotony of the week, and I learn so much on Wednsday nights. Our pastor is really good at breaking down scriptures, and he does this especially on Wednsdays.

Work has been a bit rough of late. I’ve had to put up with alot of rude people this past few weeks. I don’t really no why either. It just seems that people are getting worse and worse. Even people who call themselves Christians, are being as mean and hateful as ever. I really had a rough time on Sunday.

I go in to work on Sundays right after church for two hours. By the time I get there most of the local churches have begun to arrive. So, I went in Sunday afternoon and come to find out, I am the only waitress working the floor. The other girl called in and said she wasn’t able to come in that day. Okay, that’s fine. I thought I could handle it. Oh no, this just happened to be the busiest Sunday we have had in the longest time.

It seemed like everyone in the world had to come in this one particular day. It was chaos. I felt like running away and never going back. This was really true after one incident in particular. There is this one church that come in every Sunday. This church doesn’t have the best reputation around the waitresses. They are so rude and mean when something doesn’t go right. They do not take the time to be the witnesses they are supposed to be, to put it simply.

Anyway, they come in and sit down and I take there order. Everthings okay, so far. Well some how amidst the chaos, one family from the church, order gets lost. I did not realize this until the family stops me and asks "where is my food?". I said," Let me go check". Now mind you I have about fifteen other tables I am trying to please also. So I go and check on the order, and they tell me the order was lost. So I rewrite it down, and the cook starts preparing it. I then must break the news.

I walk over to the the table and tell them the order had been lost, and the cook is just now starting on it. He than starts shaking his head and you can see the anger in his eyes. He then starts ranting and raving, this is why I never want to come here anymore, ya’ll can never get anything done right, I don’t ever want to come here again. I said I’m sorry, and then I ran.

I ran through the kitchen, and to the bathroom, crying as I was going. My boss saw and she followed me. I ran to the bathroom and tried to regain my composure. The day was so emotionally draining.

I then came out and my boss asked me what was wrong. I relayed the story to her, and she has a fit about how in the world could they treat someone that way, and aren’t they supposed to be Christians?! She also asked if she wanted me to let her go out and speak to them about it. I said no, but I would rather not serve them the rest of the day. She said that was fine and waited on them herself the rest of the time.

It just upsets me so much, the way they call themselves Christians, and act the way they do. They are supposed to be setting an example to the lost, not behaving just like them. It’s a shame.

Help me Lord to pray for them, no matter what.

But other than that, it has been a relatively good week. The Lord sent us some snow, and I am able to got to church this evening

Well, I need to go now. My chickens are getting hungry. I’m sure there water needs to be broken up also.

Have a great day! Thanks for stoppin by!


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