Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Ramblings of My Weekend

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in the Lord. It’s such a beautiful day in my part of NC. The sky is that beautiful shade of Carolina Blue, the sun is shining gloriously bright, and all the flowers and trees are blooming beautifuly. Thank-you Lord for this beautiful spring day!

Its been a pretty average sort of week on the homestead. I’ve been busy with the daily washing of clothes, and the usual housework I try to help my mom keep up. I got a bit slack this weekend with the clothes, so now I have a mountain to take care of the next few days. I normally try to keep them up, but this weekend I wasn’t feeling all that great.

Friday morning, I started to feel tired and weak, along with body aches. I did not want to do anything that day, but lay around (which I hate doing normally). Then that night my temperature was 100. I woke up Saturday morning feeling much the same. I was able, with the assistance of ibuprofen, to help my parents plant some of our corn. But by the end of the day I was wore slam out.

Thankfully, I felt better yesterday, and was able to attend church. This is a revival week for us. We are having an evangelist from a christian college in the state, preach for us. I so enjoyed yesterdays sermons. They were on contentment and bitterness.

He was saying, that the only way we are going to be able to experience true revival is to be content with what the Lord has given us and not to be bitter against anything or anyone. God can’t work in a heart that harbors bitternes and discontent. By being that way, we aren’t truly letting Him in, and allowing Him to use us for His glory. Only when we let go of bitterness and discontent, can true revival occur in our hearts. Lord, help me to remember that this week, and beyond.

I haven’t talked much about my chickens latley have I? Well, they are all doing quite well. Chocolate is still her usual independent self, along with her sister Talladega. The bad children are still as mischievous as ever. That’s why they currently cannot come out of their yard.

Last year my mama bought about 15 brocolli plants from the local nursery, and left them outside until it was time to plant them. She decided to just leave them on the ground, thinking that the bad children would not go near them. But guess what? As soon as we let them out, the devoured every last plant. My mom never found out, until she went to plant them. Needless to say, she was not to happy with them.

So this year she does not intend to let the little heathens out until the plants she and daddy planted this weekend are big enough to not worry about them. Along with the corn and potatos.

My five little chicks are doing very well. They have "adopted" me as their mom. When ever I come around to their box, they start cheeping loudly, and try to jump out to get me. And when I do let them out, they jump right up in my lap and make themselves comfy. It’s so cute. They won’t be little for long, so I’m enjoying it now.

Here are their names, and how they got them, in case you are wondering: Maybelline- A beautiful Ameracuana with a dark rim around her eyes. She looks like she is wearing Maybelline make-up. Elsie- An Ameracauna, that my sister names after a charcater in one of her favorite book series. Lydia- An Ameracauna, that my mom named after Lydia in Pride and Prejudice. Sandy- A Rhode Island Red, that my brother named, not sure about the name origin. The Nameless One- We believe this one is a rooster, so we thought it would be wise not to name it, since it won’t be staying long, if you know what I mean.

Oh! I almost forgot! My aunt had her baby Friday. A little girl named Alyssa. We are so happy for her and my uncle. Can’t wait to see the baby next week! Congrats ya’ll!

Well, I need to go now. It’s time for supper and to get ready for revival.

Hope you have a great day in the Lord. Thanks for stopping by!


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