Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Valuable Lessons Learned

Good day friends and family! I pray you are all having a wonderful November day! It is so beautiful today in my neck of the woods. The sun is shining so bright, that the sky is just a beautiful clear shade of blue, and the leaves! Oh my goodness! They are just so beautiful this year! There are so many shades of yellow, orange, red, brown, and even purple! The LORD has truly blessed us this year for gorgeous fall foliage. And for that I am ever so thankful for! :)

So what I have I been up to of late. Pretty much the same as always. Milking, cleaning, working at camp, and of course my neighbor's farm. Just the usual, but oh yeah! I got a new puppy!
I showed a picture of her in a brief post on Monday. Her name is Kaia (pronounced ky-uh) and she is a Lab/ Heeler mix. And she is the most precious little thing! I'm so excited to have her. She's the first dog that has ever been fully mine.

Growing up, my family have always had dogs. Mostly strays that have come into the yard and we just couldn't get rid of, or puppies the strays have had. ;) And those dogs have mostly been under my sisters care. So for me to have actually gone out and adopted one by myself and one that I am fully responsible for, is a pretty big deal.

I'm hoping that Kaia will be a learning experience for me. I'm wanting to teach her some basic obedience traing, as well not chasing chickens, or wandering around the neighborhood. ( this is always been a problem for us with our dogs) I've already learned that it is going to take alot of patience and consistency. Those happen to be two areas I lack in unfortunalely. :(

But I thank the LORD that he doesn't give up on me. I love how he uses everyday chores and tasks to teach us valuable life lessons. Even the task of telling a wound-up engery ball of a puppy to sit, or not jump on people 100 times ( a little dramatic I know ;) ) can be a valuable patience lesson learned. So thank-you LORD for this opportunity!

Well, I 've gotta go now. My cousins from nearby stayed with us last night, so my mom took them to a local battlefield to occupy them this morning. And I volunteered to stay home and take care of the chores, as well as have lunch ready for them when they get home. So I better get busy! :)

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


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