Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Great Thou Art

Okay, so I saw this on several people's blog, and I thought it looked like alot of fun. So I've decided to give this a try. Here's what I did, and what you can do too.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. Have Fun!

Here are the questions:

IF SOMEONE SAYS ‘ARE YOU OKAY’ YOU SAY? He Leadeth Me by James Koerts, Me Likes!!

WHAT WOULD BEST DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY? It Is Well With My Soul by James Koerts, Well my soul is pretty calm right now, but as for my all around personality... ;)

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? If I Never Knew You by Jon Seccada Shaniece, All I can do is laugh at this! :)

WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY? Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore, Okay...

HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns, Okay, sure...

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE? Come Thou Fount by Aaron Waite. Not bad. :)

WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO? Finding Nemo by Thomas Newman. "FIND NEMO!!!!!"

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU? Moonlight Serenade by The Glenn Miller Orchestra, That's Interesting...

WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? A Whole New World from 'Aladdin'. Well, I was the first born, so in a way I am a whole new world to them. :)

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN? 10,000 Miles by Mary Chaplin Carpenter, Not quite.

WHAT IS 2+2? Rain by Brian Crane, Umm that's not what my math book said...

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND? He's a Pirate by Klaus Bandelt. I certainly hope not!! ;)

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE? Hymn to Hope by Secret Garden. Well there's a certain element of hope involved with this subject. ;)

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? 100 Years by Five By Fighting. Well I certainly hope to live that long. :D

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? Samwise the Brave by Howard Shore. I can only hope I have as much courage and loyalty Samwise had. :)

WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE? A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Disney's 'Cinderella'. It almost feels like that...

WHAT WILL YOU DO AT YOUR WEDDING? Pachelbel- Canon in D. Oh my goodness!!! I've always said this will be the song I walk down the aisle to! :D

WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL? Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus by James Koerts. :)

WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST? You'll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins. Sureee...

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. (laughing really hard right now)

WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? More Like Falling in Love by Jason Gray. ;)

WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW? May It Be by Enya. Alrighty then...

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? Goodnight My Angel by Billy Joel. Forget ya'll. (just kidding)

WHAT’S THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN?I Won't say I'm in Love by Alan Menken. This is most assuredly true. lol

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? Nearer My God to Thee from Titanic Soundtrack. I do regret not being as close to GOD as I should. :(

WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH? Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. Hmmm... not quite.

WHAT MAKES YOU CRY? So This is Love from Disney's 'Cinderella'. I hope not! ;)

WILL YOU EVER GET MARRIED? My Heart will Go On by Kenny G. Do what???!!!

WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST? Love is A Song from Disney's 'Bambi'. Music is frightening to me, so maybe that is why love seems to elude me... ;)

DOES ANYONE LIKE YOU? Jesus Loves Me by the Cedarmont Kids. I promise that I did not choose this myself, but AMEN!!!!!!! :D

IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE? Forever in Love by Kenny G. no comment

WHAT HURTS RIGHT NOW? Mrs. Darcy from the 'Pride and Prejudice' soundtrack.

WHAT WILL YOU NAME THIS POST? How Great Thou Art from Smoky Mountain Hymns. Not bad, not bad at all. :)

This was so much fun. Me and my sister laughed so hard together at the answers. :)

If you decide to do this, leave me a comment. I would love to see your answers!

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


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