Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Lovely Christmas Day

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful Christmas weekend with your friends and family! It has been such a wonderful holiday weekend here for our family. It's been a weekend of relaxation, fun, gifts, and many surprises for us all.

Christmas this year was spent at our house. We had my aunt, 3 cousins, and my grandaddy spend the day with us. The day began around 8 am with my mom's famous sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast. Yumm! After our breakfast was heartily consumed, we all commenced to the living room for presents all around.

For Christmas this year, we wanted to get my mom something different. Over the past few years my mom has said numerous times how much she would like to have us kids pictures taken professionally. So, I decided that would be our gift to her. We had them taken the first of December, and my dad picked them up for us about a week ago. Her reaction was priceless. She started crying. :)

I received two pairs of fuzzy PJ bottoms. One had Mickey Mouse, and the other had Tinkerbelle.

There's a funny story behind the Tinkerbelle bottoms. You see the K-3 class that I teach has all little girls. Every day that I teach them, they constantly talk about Tinkerbelle ( about three times a day, mind you). They let me know the have a Tinkerbelle bedroom, shirt, shoes, bag, or whatever else. I told my mom this, and she thought it was so funny, and decided to buy me some pajamas to remind me of the girls. :)

I bought my sister a twenties style hat she saw at the mall a few weeks ago. To say the least she loved it. She even cried tears of joy over it. :D

There's my youngest cousin! As well as my dad, my sis, and my cousin.

Well, looky there! I got my wish. BBC's version of "Emma". :D

Here's all the "kids" together with our grandaddy. Notice my brother in the white shirt and camo p.j. bottoms. His outfit matched so lovely :P Oh, that purse my cuz in the red jacket is holding, is the one I gave her. :)

But the best part of all, was having the whole family all together, just spending time celebrating the best gift of all, the birth of our Lord and king, Jesus Christ.

As I said to begin with, the day was full of surprises. I personally received one of the best ever. (more about that in a later post) But then there was this one for the entire family. Look closely in this picture and see if you can figure it out for your self.

SNOW!!!!!!! Yes! The good LORD sent us some snow for Christmas. It didn't snow on Christmas day itself, but the day after, which is still just as good, since we rarely receive snow to begin with. But I'll talk and show you more of that in a later post. ;)

Well, I think I'm gonna get off of here for now. Even though it has been a quiet last few days, we have still been going no stop with the cooking, cleaning, and just spending time with family. I think I may head to bed a bit early tonite.

So until next time,have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

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