Friday, December 17, 2010

Wish List

Okay, so there is exactly one week left to Christmas and my mom still insists she has no clue what to get me. So I thought I would post a list for her to give her a few ideas. (its also alot of fun to post pics and share with all you out there)

"Jackie" Modest Dresses in Black from JEN Clothing. this is about the cutest dress I have seen. I love how it looks retro, but yet modern at the same time. It's oh so chic! :)

Clauss® Titanium Bonded® 10" Chef Knife With Microban® Product Protection and NSF® - 2/Pk . I LOVE chopping and cutting things in the kitchen, especially when you have a sharp knife. :)

Java One® Responsibly Grown 12 oz. Coffee from Sam's Club. There's a funny story behind this request. Me and my mom went shopping at Sam's last week and once again she asked me what I want for Christmas. I said whatever you want to get me will be fine. Then she said, "How about something for your hope chest?" Just then we happened to be walking past the coffee. I said "Sure, how about some coffee to keep me awake while I'm hoping?" :) (in all serious, I want the coffee)

BBC's 'Emma' (2009) This is my all time favorite adaption of Jane Austen novel, and would really, really love to own this one myself. :)

Okuma Blue Diamond Saltwater Casting Rod. Oh yeah. This little jewel is just about the best feeling rod ever. It's lightweight and oh so perfectly balanced. :)And this...

A quiet Christmas Eve spent relaxing and enjoying the day with family. :)

I pray that you all have a blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!


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