Thursday, January 6, 2011

Never Grow Up

Working with children these past few months, at school or at church in the nursery, has been quite a life changing experience for me. For the first time, I see how truly Innocent children are.

They are not scarred with regrets or pain that most adults are. They smile at the smallest things. It's so sweet to me, to see my students light up at receiving a Tinkerbelle sticker for good behaviour. (what examples we adults could take from them) Such sweet innocence.

The whole idea of childhood innocence really hit home today for me in the form of a song. It's sung by Taylor Swift. To say the least, it had me in tears reminding me of my childhood, and thinking about the sweet souls I have the great opportunity of working with daily. Here it is.

Are ya balling? I know I was. ;) But even though childhood is bliss and innocence, and no one in their right mind truly wants to grow out of it, we must remember daily that it is only a season in our lives.

Thankfully, even though we must grow out of this innocence, the LORD allows us to take time and enjoy seeing the innocence in a child in our lives. In a way, HE takes us back to when we were children. A time of very few trials or pain :) What great memories these times bring. :D

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  1. You wanted to make me bawl didn't you? ;- )

    It is only a season in our lives and thank THE LORD HE has the *real* plan for our lives when we don't look back but look forward to all of the wonderful things HE has in store for us.

    Had I never grown up, I wouldn't have you my darling daughter!

    Matthew 6:33


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