Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Fantastic Weekend in Pics

Good evening friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in our LORD! The weather's turned cool here in my neck of the woods. With such wonderful temps in the 70's this past weekend, I 'm afraid I got a bit spoiled. :P The forecast for tomorrow is being called at around 54 and sunny skies. Not bad, but this southern belle loves it when it's warm, and almost, down right hot! :D

With such wonderful weather this past weekend, my family took the opportunity to visit a local battlefield for a "War of Northern Aggression" ( the "Civil War" to you Yankees :P) reenactment. What fun we had! Let me show you...

The battle field is located on a river, and the scenery is spectacular with the swamp, and trees...

Of course with any reenactment their are those lovely old clothes and hats galore...

Look at those gallant men in gray...

Oh, and that young man is my brother... :)

Of course, every regimant had their own undertaker...

And blacksmith...

Oh yeah! I got to lock my mom in the stocks... :P

Being a huge "Civil War" buff I greatly enjoyed myself. I also loved being able to spend time with my family. :D Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I fell in love there. But that's for a later post... ;)

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great pictures! It looks like you had a fun time!

  2. Ooo, you lucky thing, you!! T-shirts and capris in February??? Totally not fair!!!

    Seriously though, it looks like you had a fantastic time! I love going to Civil War reenactments - I love the smell of the campfires, the sounds of the rifles and the cannons, the colorful clothes, the damp smell of the canvas tents ... it's so much fun, isn't it?

    Thanks for posting the pics of the Confederate soldiers - that was neat to see! We don't see too many Johnny Rebs up this way. ;-)

    You fell in love?? Do tell -- WITH pictures, please. ;-)

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

    Love in Christ,


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