Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Goings On of Life

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in our LORD! The weather is bright and sunshiny today, with temps in the lower 60's. The rest of the week is scheduled to be even warmer. Oh, spring, I feel thou art near! ;)

I was just looking at my blog, and my most recent posts, and I realized that I have not talked about life around the homestead of late. I've pretty much been posting quotes, songs, and what not. Pretty much whatever pops off the top of my head. So, for any of you that may be interested ( I know that there are probably very few, if any ;) ), this post is an update of the goings on of my life.

To start with, I've not been working out of the home much lately. Just the K-3 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My other two jobs ( a cook at a local christian camp and farm hand at my neighbor's ) are not too active this time of year.

My primary responsibility at my neighbor's, is egg washing, and since chickens don't lay much in the winter, there have been no eggs. I only work at camp during the summer months now. Last year I worked off and on the whole winter, due to lack of staff. But this year, they have full time staff employed, and that means I am sadly not needed. :( But, soon enough, I will be hopping with both jobs at the same time, so I'll enjoy the laid back schedule in the mean time. ;)

Since I am not working anywhere right now, I've had the best blessing of being able to help mama out with alot of the chores around the house. Cooking, cleaning, helping with my siblings school work, and whatever else needs to be done, have been my primary focus. I've also started some studies of my own.

I've been studying and reading some creation science books, as well as books pertainging to Christianity's influence on the founding of this country. I have to say, the creation science has been the more interesting subject ( don't get me wrong, history is fascinating to me ). I have always had a passion for science. I am also quite adamant in having a firm knowledge of creationism, in the event I come across an evolutionist, and I need to have my facts straight, and to be able to refute that deadly theory. ( just as Colossians 4:6, states so well. )

Most of the farm animals are doing well. The chickens are laying their eggs as usual. Kaia is the usual, rotten, rambunctious farm dog that she has become. Annabelle has been sick for the past few days unfortunatly. We have been drying her up, and with this process came mastitis ( an infection in the teats and udder ). She seems to be getting better, but as the vet that came out yesterday to treat her stated, it's a slow recovery for such a serious infection. :(

I have also been able to complete one sewing project this year ( pics coming soon ). I have sewn a baby quilt for a friend that will be having her baby around the second week of March. The only thing left to be done is wrap it really pretty, and send it off in the mail. :)

Well, this was certainly a long post. I better get off here now. I am starting to get a bit hungry. I had the most awesome turkey sub from Subway today for lunch following school, and that filled me up then. But now, I think I want a light snack. Hmmm... Maybe some butter and jelly toast... ;)

So until next time, have a blessed evening! Thanks for stopping by!

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