Friday, March 18, 2011

Journey To HIS Will, Part 3

“The will of God will never take you to where the grace of God will not protect you”

After much toil and anguish, I had finally surrendered my heart to GOD. I had finally said, LORD wherever you want me, I will be. Where you send me, I will go. I now care for what you care, and say what you would have me say.

With this surrendering, I now knew what my descion for my future was to be. I turned down the position I was offered as an Optometric assistant. I said, yes LORD, if it is your desire for me to become a stay at home daughter, that is what I will do. And so, as of late April 2009, my official title in life is a stay at home daughter. :)

The question has been asked as to how I knew that this is what the LORD truly wanted me to do. As I have said before, I just prayed constantly for the LORD to guide me to what HE would have me do. When I finally gave up the idea of working full-time, and maybe going to school, an amazing sense of peace washed over me. My soul was stilled, and I now knew that I was indeed doing as my LORD would have me do. Though I still had many unanswered questions, and being a normal human being who worries, I had fears as well. But I now knew that I was doing just as I should. :)

With the surrendering of my will to that of my Saviours, came many new questions, and topics to discuss. So, being my typically practical, strategic self, I set out to do what I usually do when I am curious about something. I first prayed, researched the Internet, as well as seek out the advice of my parents.

After much praying and studying of scripture, many questions popped in to my head. If being a stay at home daughter meant staying under the authority and protection of my father, just as most women of the Bible did, did that mean it was wrong for women to work outside the home, or go to college at all? If that were the case with work, how would I pay for my insurance and what not?

Some other questions were how do I spend my days if I don't work a full time job? What if I don't get married? Why does stay at home daughter hood have that huge emphasis on preparing yourself for marriage anyway?

That first question of whether it was wrong for a woman to work outside the home was a doosie for me. I read so many articles and commentaries, it wasn't funny. I kept getting over and over from certain sites that they indeed believe it is wrong for a woman to work without her husband or father being her authority. I had a huge problem with this, and still do to a point today.

While I am not an expert in this area of whether or not this is Biblical or not, I do know one thing. We live in a a sin cursed world, and we daily have to live with the consequences of such a life. I personally have to work to pay my bills. And I know many women who have to work to keep themselves and their families going. I believe that this to be an area that is between you and the LORD. Do what HE commands for you, not the commands of man. (as I said before, GOD works differently in each of our lives. who am I or any other mortal being to tell you that something the LORD has laid upon you hear to do is wrong, whether it be college or work?!)

Like I said, I realized upon my decsion that I had to work. And I had no idea where at that point.

So, I waited, just as the LORD asks us to do so many times in our life.

Boy, am I glad that I did wait! :D

Towards the middle of May, a lady in our church contacted me. She is the wife of a a man that runs a local Christian camp. She had asked me if I was looking for a job that summer, and I told her yes. Well, make a short story sweet, she asked if I would be willing to work there that summer, in the kitchen, three days a week, and maybe 5 days when there were really large groups.

Can I get an amen anyone?! How great is our GOD! Here I was beginning to think that I was going to have to get a full time job, somewhere that would give me hours that would not allow me to help my family. And Ms. J (as I will call the lady at camp) gives me a ring on the phone! She was offering me a job that would allow me to work, but still have most of the week to dedicate to serving my family!

Talk about someone jumping for joy! How awesome our LORD is to provide our needs, just when we need them. All in HIS time, oh ye of little faith. :)

With my time to be spent mostly there that summer and into to fall, I began to realize something else. There are 7 days in the week. If three of them were to be spent serving at camp, how would the other 4 days a week be spent?

This lead me again to my knees. i just asked the LORD that if being a stay at home daughter was what HE wanted me to remain, provide me with many opportunities for service in my family, my church, and my community. Just as HE always does so mercifully, HE answered my prayers.

I spent most of my days off then helping my family around the homestead. With us living on a farm, there is ALWAYS plenty y of work to do. And as for helping in my church and community, opportunities were, and are limitless! :D

Well, I've got to go once again. Life is calling me, and I must attend to it. ;)

But I hope to address that final aspect, and concern of mine in stay at home daughter hood in a fourth post, later this evening, or tomorrow. :D

So for now, have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

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