Monday, March 14, 2011

New Addition to the Homestead

Good day friends and family! I just thought I would drop by this wonderful Monday afternoon and show you the newest addition to our homestead, Bacon!

Let me tell you first of all, the reason for me calling the animal 'Bacon', is due to the fact this animal will indeed become that wonderful meal one day soon (unless I decide to go into breeding and selling these animals). ;) Such is the life of an animal on the farm. ;)

Here is 'Bacon' on the truck, ready to be off loaded into its new abode...

Here's Daddy grabbing Bacon off the truck.What a sight that was seeing him crawl into that tiny hole! ;D

Poor thing didn't get a very kind welcome being drug over to his new home upside down... :D

It took both Daddy and my brother to untie the rope from its leg. I was quite content staying clean behind the fence... ;)

Here's Bacon, exploring its new home...

After all that excitement, there is only one thing that little thing could do, lay down in the cool wet leaves, and take a nap... :)

Oh yeah, Kaia had some fun with the new addition as well, running around the pen and getting up in its face trying to give it a kiss...

Annabelle just sort of stared and drooled at it. Not quite sure why she was drooling so hard over it...

It truly is a blessing that we were able to get this animal. Within a year, we will be enjoying many different cuts of meat, all grown by our own hands. The best part of us raising our own pork is the fact it will be grown organically, and hormone free! WOO-HOO!!! A huge blessing indeed. :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Oh, Angel, he's just adorable!! I know you don't want to get too attached to him in case he's going to be butchered, but I do think he's about the cutest pig I've ever seen. ;-)

    Congratulations!! Have a great evening!

    Love in Christ,

  2. Hi Angel wanted to stop by finally found ya.. Didn't know which blog was yours.. You have a very pretty blog... First let me say I got a pic but couldn't center it... I tried clicking the bar and drag?? maybe I didn't drag right.. How do you get the folks you follow to come to the side of page? What a cute pig he or she is saying I want to play... Maybe some day I'll get my blog pretty too.. Thanks for the help..


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