Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Says You Can't Be Feminine In Camo?

I don't know about any of ya'll out there, but this country girl loves her camo. There is nothing that makes me feel more in touch with nature than a good Mossy Oak or Realtree print. With all the vibrant colors and textures of the trees, this wonderful print should be worn for more than just hunting, in my opinion. ;)

But there is one thing that I have struggled with in my, somewhat of an obsession: finding camo printed clothing, that looks feminine.

So, to solve my little dilemma, I have found the solution!

Let me show you...

No ladies and gents, you are not looking at a wooded forest, but can you guess? A skirt! :D

With an idea, and a quick trip to the fabric store, my problem is solved! I now have what I believe to be a feminine way to wear camo. :D

To make my already awesome pattern, AMAZING, I just added some lace trimming to the hem, to truly give that Mossy Oak, a more feminine look. :)

Ahhh... the life of a country girl... :D

The perfect combination of country, and sophistication. :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!


Side Note: Thanks to my awesome little sis for taking these wonderful pics. :D


  1. Oh I love it! I just love the lace trim that you added to it! So cute! :)

  2. Wow you did a great job!! Simply gorgemous! :)

  3. Adorable!! I never thought I'd say this about camo, but you really look sophisticated!! :-D :-D :-D

    Great job, Angel!

    Love in Christ,

  4. SO GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I JUST GOT A CAMO SKIRT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH hahaha I was so excited when I saw this.

    :) thankful for you.. haha you have no idea how rarely I find girl peeps who love camo :P love it girl.


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