Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay. So I have had a few thoughts on my mind of late. Actually, quite a huge lot of thoughts. So many, I have had a bit of what I call "blogger's block". I just can't seem to sit down and get them all organized and thought out enough to write about. I know exactly what I want to say, but can not decide on which to talk about first. I guess the very fact that I have been crazy busy these past two weeks has aided in my dilemma. It's a frustrating problem. :( Any how...

One of those over abundant thoughts that have been swirling around in my head is courtship. :)

Yes my dear friends, courtship. That special season in life where two hearts come together with prayerful earnestness, guarded hearts, and guided wisdom, to decide whether or not the two are suitable for marriage.

I am by no means in this world an expert on the subject. I have never been "courted". I have only read books and articles on the matter. So first hand experience is non existent for me...

But, being a single young woman ( as many of you can probably relate to ) the subject is quite fascinating to ponder. It is also one that I believe you should not only ponder, but think on with a prayerful attitude before the event occurs, and a desire to please GOD, and bring honor and glory to HIM.

I guess that is what has been going through my head with this subject of late. What are my attitudes towards courtship in general, and what are some of my set convictions?

My over all attitude toward courtship in general, is highly in favor of the practice. Courtship is what I believe to be the most GOD honoring way of finding a mate. I have no desire whatsoever to waste my time in dating a bunch of guys, or having a close friendship even, with those who have no intention for marriage. (my heart is vulnearable and not to be trusted, dating and close friendships with the oppossite sex just put it on the line, causing attachment, leading to possible heart ache...) (this article explains my reasoning behind my conviction for this quite well)

Through the season of courtship, the man and woman openly get to know one another better, to see if marriage is a possible option for their future. With that option at the fore front of a relationship, there is a clear directive and purpose. There are no games being played with each other's hearts. There is an open honesty that I believe to be the most honoring to our LORD. An honesty I prefer...

As for my set convictions in a courtship, I cannot set many right now. Each courtship is different, as we are not created as robots to follow a strict set of rules and guidelines. Only when a courtship begins, do I believe certain convictions, and even rules need to be enforced.

But I do have three to start me off when the LORD appoints a time... ;)

1. The man must first approach my father about the possibility of a courtship. My father is my earthly leadership until marriage. By approaching my father, he shows respect for that leadership. With the leadership, I want my father to sort of screen the young man. My father is a great judge of character, and by being such, he would be able to tell if the gentleman in question is right for me or not. This is very important to me, as my heart is not always to be trusted, and needs that earthly protection of my father's guidance.
2. The man MUST be the initiator for the relationship. That mean he starts the conversation, and takes the interest first. GOD created man to be a leader. Therefore when he initiates, he shows me he can be a leader.
3. I want my family and his to be involved. That is what marriage is all about, family. It is only when you see how the other person reacts in the realm of family, can you see their true character. ( and families are great in helping you keep your head clear and on straight in relationships )

Most of all I want my love story to be written by GOD. I do not want to take things into my own hands (very hard for my controlling nature to do by the way). I want to wait on HIS timing, and not my own. I want it to be a story where you can clearly see the hand of GOD, and point to HIS eternal grace and goodness. :)

So what are your thoughts on the subject, if you have any. I would love to hear if you have any set convictions, or if you are in a courtship, or your marriage was a result of that. :D

I would like to end this post with two quotes.

"God didn't make us for endless dating relationships, He made us for marriage."

[In courting/dating], "Men trust God by taking a risk. Women trust God by waiting." ~ From Singleness: Living With A Hope Deferred~

Have a wonderfully blessed evening everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Angel, This is a wonderful post. I will get my dd to read it. Praying for you. God Bless. Isabella

  2. Thank you for setting out your courtship convictions, Angel! I would like to do a post on this topic, too, in the future ... I've resolved that when my month's blogging break is up, I am going to post about much more serious things than I have been. This is such an important topic to think and talk about and form convictions on.


    I started to put my own convictions in this comment, since you asked; but it was coming out so convoluted that I know I'll have to think about how to lay it all out. ;-) I'll let you know when I do my own post!

    Have a wonderful evening, my friend!

    Love in Christ,


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