Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Huntress Is On The Prowl

All snakes inhabiting this world, be ye warned! If you dare think you can enter the chicken coops of south east North Carolina, and snatch an egg, think again. There is a huntress, on the prowl.

No longer will you have the ability to make off with a free meal. The lady means business. She will find you in the middle of your evil deeds, and eliminate you with swift justice. Behold one of your fallen comrades...

Behold the method in which you shall be executed...

Yes my dear friends, I am the huntress on the prowl. And I have made my first kill. :)

I went to gather eggs for my neighbor this past Friday, and lo and behold to my surprise, in the corner on top of a pile of 3 eggs was a snake. :O

So I rather quickly weighed my options. Go get my boss' husband to shoot the intruder and risk it being gone when we returned, or carry out justice myself. I realized instantly, justice needed to be served swift, or we would never catch the intruder again.

So I ran to the side of the coop and found a shovel. I returned to the corner and sized up the criminal. He looked at me face to face and attempted to make himself appear larger that he was. Following a short prayer, I quickly lunged my shovel at his middle in hope to split him in half.

To my great dismay my instrument of execution was dull, and did not fulfil my desired result. So the intruder quickly made a dash around the coop to attempt escape. However, I was quick in my pursuit, as I made another lunge. This time the prey was injured, causing him to slow down underneath the laying boxes.

It was then that I realized, no matter how many times I stabbed this animal, I was not going to kill it in this manner. Suddenly it struck me to not stab him, but to crush.

With my trusty shovel high in the air, I quickly brought it down upon the intruders head, flattening it's skull. I lifted my arms with shovel in hand, and brought it back down many a time, to ensure the criminal was indeed taken care of( I can only imagine what I looked like to the people happening to drive by at that time...). And indeed he was.

So there's my exciting, adrenaline packed moment of the week. Such are those moments on the farm. I may be weird, but I will say it anyway, I LOVE those moments. :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Side Note: For all you snake lovers out there, that are highly offended by my actions, know that I only killed this animal out of protection for mine and my employers livelihood. A snake will clear out eggs daily, and put a huge dent in profit, if not caught. I would never kill a snake, for any reason except self defense and in cases such as this.


  1. You are so funny. I had a wonderful laugh at this post. Isabella

  2. This post was so funny! We had a black snake to get under our steps a couple months ago, and I was about to step something told me to look down before I did and it was there, ready to attack...LOL! But my daddy was home and came and took care of it with a shovel. That was an interesting thing to see ;)
    I'm glad you were able to get rid of it! :)

  3. Oh my goodness....if that was me, I would have dropped dead right there. And there would be no time to think about what to do...I would have met Jesus much quicker than planned.

    Three things that terrify me are: snakes, rats, and mice. You are so brave. Wait till I share my latest post about rats and you will understand how afraid I am.

    I guess in my mind snakes are the devil...and I cannot get past that even though I know it's not "really" true...well, unless you read Genesis and then try and tell me different.


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