Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Won't Come Fast Enough!!!

Okay folks, can I just squeal right here? Here I go, squeallllll...!!! Okay, now that I got that out, I can tell you the reason for my great excitement and joy. TANGLED!

Yes my dear friends, I will return from school tomorrow to find that this absolutely wonderfully, entertaining movie will have arrived in the mail, via Netflix. I am so excited about the arrival of this film, that I could not help but go online and view some screen caps from the film. Here are some of my favorites...

I know that I have shared this before, but I could not help myself in sharing it again. It is what has become number 2 on my top favorite Disney songs, "I See the Light". I can't help but smile everytime I hear this song ;)

I feel like such a little kid when I think about this movie. I can't help but get overly excited! :D Tomorrow evening, will not come soon enough! :)

Have a great evening everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Such a good movie and I love love love that song! I play it on repeat all the time ;) My sibling get annoyed =P

  2. My girls saw the movie just last week.....they loved it!

  3. I LOVE this movie!!!!! Every second, every song...just love it! Especially that song! *Sigh* and I admit, I tear up more than once. ;)

  4. It sounds like a great movie. Now I want to see it! :) Hope you enjoy watching Tangled. God Bless. Dorinda

  5. I loved this movie! You're making me want to watch it again!!! =- )


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