Friday, May 27, 2011

Heat, Homestead Life, & Adam On the First Day?

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in our LORD! The weather is bright, sunny, and hot in my part of NC. The temps have been in the lower to mid 90's all this week, and it's forecast to stay much the same. Can I just get an amen and hallelujah for that! I can officially say I am not shivering! :D

Whew! What a busy week this has been. With work around the house, finishing up the K-3 class for the summer, and farm work at my neighbor's, I've certainly been hopping! But that pretty typical for this time of year, and so I have grown to expect all the bustle. :)

Everything around the homestead, from the plants to the animals have been doing really well. The garden is doing very well with the corn beginning to shoot, and the potatoes vines blooming splendidly. The broccoli has been completely harvested and packed for consumption through the year. And the onions are getting huge! :D Harvest time will be here sooner than we expect. :)

The animals are doing well. Even in all this heat. The chickens spend most of their day scratching around in the woods, where it's cool. The pig enjoys it's time in it's mud holes we constantly create for it. :) Anna-belle the cow, spends the hottest part of the day in a nice shady spot, just snoozing away. And Kaia, well she's just spoiled rotten in the hot part of the day...

My K-3 class is finished for the year. :( Our last class was held yesterday morning, and the end of the year program was last night. :)

We spent our last class by having a pizza party with cupcakes, and all the trimmings. Following the party the kids played in the gym, just enjoying the last few minutes together as a class. :)

The end of the year program went through fantastically. I will admit I was totally and completely terrified about how it was going to turn out. With three year olds, you never know how they are gong to act, and whether or not they will clam up. But praise the LORD! They didn't clam up a bit!

There was a particularly funny moment, and slight lapse in memory. We have been learning the days of creation, and what GOD created on each day. Well, when it came to the first day, when they were supposed to say GOD created the light, they all exclaimed "Adam!". Oh dear... Everyone laughed, and the show moved right along. :)

There weren't too many more mistakes. Just a few moments of lost concentration. But, they are three year olds, and for the amount of effort they put into, I am thrilled with the outcome, and was so very pround of them :)

But this year was defiantly a learning experience. The LORD certainly taught me alot through it. And this right here, made every moment that I wanted to pull my hair out, totally worthwhile. :)

Oh, did I cry when I read that...

Well, I better get off of here for now. I've got to wash and gather eggs for my neighbor. As for an update there, I will not be helping run the farmer's market this summer. But I will still have plenty of hours with all of the gathering of vegetables, and so forth. So, that is defiantly an answer to prayer there. :)

I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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