Monday, June 6, 2011

"Outfit of the Day", Pink and White Summer

So today was a pretty busy day. My mom, sis, and brother are heading out bright and early for a visit at my granddaddy's. They will be gone all week, and so today was spent cleaning, and helping them prepare for the trip.

Well, after most everything was packed and organized me and my mom headed to town to pick up my aunt and cousin, who will also be making the trip. Following that they went grocery shopping, and I was dropped off at the fabric store (aka the candy shop ;) )

I was able to get some gorgeous black with white polka dot material for an apron. So it was a great day. :D

Since I spent the first part of my day drenched in sweat and covered head to toe in grass from working outside, I decided to spruce myself up, and look like a half way decent human being. Here's my "Outfit of the Day"...

The best detail about this outfit, was that it only cost 9 dollars! I love thrift store shopping... ;D

This hairstyle I have dubbed the "poof". ;) It has become my favorite way to wear my hair now. I just take the front section of the wide side of my part, tease it, twist it near the back, push it forward, then pin it and spray it in place. It sort of reminds me of some of the 40's styles that I love so much. :D

Well, I better get off of here. Mama is leaving early, and I would like to be able to see her off and be somewhat alive at that time. ;) So, until next time...

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Head on over to True Femininity to see the other entries for her outfit of the day challenge! :D


  1. What a nice outfit! And for only $9.00! Wow.

    I wear my hair the same way pretty often these days.

  2. Hey Angel,

    Thank you for all the sweet comments! I love your outfit. We too are thrifties! Rebekah and I like to wear our hair that way too!

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  3. Hey, that's a really cute outfit! :-D I really like your skirt, especially ... it's hard to find nice skirts that aren't too long or too short.

    Yes, you absolutely may post the poem on your blog! I don't even know where I found it now ... on someone else's blog, I think, so you don't even have to mess with any linking or anything. Isn't it beautiful? I got all teary when I read it. That is just exactly what I want in life. I pray that the Lord would allow both of us to have that honor and privilege. :-)

    Thank you again for all your sweet comments and your prayers, too. I'll pray that you get enough hours of work this summer! Keep us posted on what happens!

    Love in Christ,

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Pink is a very flattering color on you! ~Jordan


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