Friday, June 3, 2011

"Random Ramblings Friday- Gotta Love Those Trips"

Don't you just love those days when you take an unexpected shopping trip into town? Those kind of trips are always a great way to break the monotony of everyday life, and to just brighten your day. I was blessed to be able to go on a trip into our town today before heading to work, and do a bit of shopping. We( my mom, my brother, and sister ) stopped by our local second hand shop, as well as the Wally World, and boy did I have a completely unexpected and random blessing happen on this trip! Let me share...

I have been thinking about getting some fabric, to make some cloth napkins for my hope chest for quite a while now. What has stopped me is the price on plaid printed fabric. So to my great delight today, I walked into the store, went to where they have curtains and what not, and saw a box on the floor, filled with fabric. And right on top was this beautiful woven cotton blend! It is the exact kind that I have been drooling over for months now. :)

The best part, was I only paid 3 dollars for a little over two yards! :D I had a very difficult time trying to keep myself from squealing and skipping around the store... ;)

To top my trip there off, I was able to find a matching top to a skirt I bought a while back, a collared sleeveless shirt to help even out my farmers tan, while working around the homestead, and a very comfy skirt, perfect for lounging around the house. :D

I have been in this sort of World War 2 kick of late. I've been studying, watching, reading, anything I can get my hands on pertaining to it. Boy was I excited to come across this bag at Wal-Mart today! :D

I love shopping trips like those... ;)

Thank-you LORD for yor blessings on this trip today!

Oh! To complete this edition of "Random Ramblings Friday" here is a song that has not one thing in the world to do with what I have been talking about, but I thought I would share it with you dear folks. Enjoy... :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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