Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Days Around Here...

Doesn't that look like a perfect summer afternoon?

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in our LORD! It's a steamy one here in my part of NC. The temps are in the lower 90's with the humidity levels almost at 100%. But thankfully there is a light breeze to make outdoor chores quite pleasant (to me at least :P).

So, life in and around the homestead has been going fairly well. All of the animals have been fairing pretty nicely, even in the heat. The pig, cow, and dogs spend the hottest part of the day napping in a cool shady nook, and the chickens have taken to retreating to the woods when the sun is at it's highest. So all in all, each know how to make that time of day as comfortable as possible for them. :)

I've been pretty busy on and around the homestead. My brother went to summer camp this week, so I have taken over his chores of feeding our chickens in the morning. I've also been helping to keep the pigs wading pool, that it uses to keep cool full. That's almost a full time job in itself, as often as it splashes the water out! :P

We only have corn and onions growing in or garden right now. We have been in severe drought conditions for quite a while now, so the sprinkler being on in the morning and evening, is the only thing keeping the corn alive. Most of the corn fields around our house have stopped growing, and are just shriveling up. It's the driest most anyone around here has ever seen, and there is no chance for rain in our near future. So, if we come to your mind, would you pray that the LORD would send us some rain? (I know the LORD will send us what we need, when HE sees fit. We just have to have faith in this situation. :) )

I've been working on my neighbor's farm quite a bit this week. I worked over there this afternoon, and I'm supposed to head back over there this evening sometime. They are killing chickens, and I get to help package them. So the hours I have been putting in over there have been a huge blessing! :D

I think I know what I will be doing to help start my outreach to teen girls. I am now in the process of planning some old fashioned tea parties at my house. Being my usually over ambitious self, I had originally planned on having one huge one with all the girls I know of. But after I got to thinking and praying about it, I think it would be a better idea to host small get togethers with some of the girls one on one, and then gradually branch out. Sort of ease into it, and not overwhelm my self. :)

Tomorrow looks to be an exciting day. I am planning on heading out to a local blueberry festival sometime then (if I can find someone to go with me...). I volunteered at this festival in 4-H several years ago,and have not been there since. I have heard it's grown, with many more vendors, and lots of food, all celebrating that wonderful little berry. I'm looking forward to the possible break up of the monotony of my week. :D

Well, I better get off of here for now. I've got some work and such that needs to be taken care of before this evening. So until next time....

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy these wonderful summer days!


  1. I'm glad you are starting your outreach with tea parties. It sounds like a lot of fun. I will keep you in my prayers and pray for rain. My family and I have had the same problem with the drought. We have to put the sprinkle on every morning to keep the plants alive. I hope you have a wonderful week. God Bless. Dorinda

  2. The tea party sounds great! We'd love to go but my mom says she needs to know the day/time, and where is the tea party going to be at? I will still be busy with volunteering for the next three weeks but I'd still like to try and come. We just need the details, lol!



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