Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Be Used In A Mighty Way!

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in our LORD! It's a hot and dry one here in my neck of the woods. The temps have been in the mid 90's, and can I just say how totally and completely awesome that is? Summer, oh how I love thee... ;)

So it's been a pretty busy week here for me. I worked just about everyday this week. '_' But thank the LORD, I had yesterday mostly off. I just sort of worked around the house, getting some much needed cleaning done. I also did some sewing and cooking. For some that may be work, but for me that's relaxation! :D

Church was today. And let me tell you what an awesome message our pastor gave this morning. We have been going through the book of Acts, and we were in chapter 9 today. In that chapter Saul, who later becomes Paul, is met on the Damascus road by the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Following that encounter, Saul is stricken blind. Well, after Saul is brought to Damascus, the LORD appears to Ananias, a certain disciple there. The LORD tells Ananias to go to the street called Straight, and ask after Saul of Tarsus. Then he is commanded to put his hands on Saul's eyes, in order to restore his vision.

The point that was brought out so poignantly to me, was how Ananias was used of GOD. GOD asked him to go to Saul and be used to restore his vision. I mean, we only see Ananias mentioned in this passage, and one other time, later on in Acts 22. So he is not exactly the most well known man of the New Testament. But yet, he was used of GOD to help probably one one of the most important men in the start and spread of Christianity!

What about us? Are we willing to be used of GOD in a manner such as this? I mean, to put our pride aside, and just help someone, even when they have not been the kindest in the world to us? ( just as Saul was to those who followed after Christ in the early days )

How great an influence we can have in someones life, by our actions, and especially our attitude! Just by humbling our wills to GOD's, and putting our prideful selves last, we could be used in a mighty way by our LORD! I mean, we could influence a future missionary, or Sunday school teacher! What an amazing thought!

I pray that the LORD will use me, for HIS honor and glory. Just to maybe influence someones life, and bring them to a saving knowledge of HIM. To have someone not look at me as a person, but but to look and see my Saviours awesome and wonderful mercy and grace. What an amazing thing that would be for my LORD! :D

Well, I better get off of here for now. It's almost time for church, and I need to get ready to go. :)

Have a wonderfully blessed start to your week! Thanks for stopping by!

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