Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Man

One day the man will pray.

One day the man will be ready.

One day the man will gain his courage.

And he will approach my father.

One day the man will speak to me.

He will ask a question.

And LORD willing, my life and his, will for the best, be changed forever.

Until that time, I will wait on the man.

The man whom GOD created me for,

the man HE created for me.

I will pray for the man.

The man the LORD has to be my future spiritual head.

The man whose side I will serve by.

The man that I will love, honor, serve, and obey.

The man who will be my friend, and in whom I will love forever.

I will pray for the man to grow steadfastly in the LORD.

To become the leader GOD has called him to be.

I will wait on the man, for as long as GOD calls.

Though it is not easy to wait for the man some days, I know it's best.

I know it's best, for the LORD has told me to wait on HIS great timing.

And before I know it, HE will show the man the time.

The time HE has created just for us.

The time HE has deemed perfect.

The time when we will serve the LORD as a couple, in the way HE leads.

And for that fact, the waiting isn't really all that bad.

I pray this will be all of you single young ladies goal as well. To wait patiently for your future husband, by praying for him, and thanking the LORD for him, even when the wait gets tough. :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Amen! How beautiful!

    May God bless both of our future husbands today, and shower them with every blessing as they serve Him! :-)

    Love in Christ,


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