Friday, July 22, 2011

"Random Fridays", The Thief Has Been Captured

So, last night was a pretty eventful night around the homestead, to say the least...

My dad got home form work last night around 9:30, and set about his normal routine of checking to make sure all the animals are fairing well. Last night's routine was, well, anything but "normal".

While we (the rest of the family) were all inside, the phone rang. Mama went to answer, and it was daddy. He quickly informed her that she needed to bring his pistol and some shells out to him pronto.

So, mama exclaims that daddy needs his pistol and runs through the house to retrieve it. By this time, I am in panic mode believing that some intruder is making a meal out of my two bitties, because no one is saying what in the world is going on! :O

I run outside, and to my great relief, find that daddy is no where near my little bitties coop. But what was going on exactly, I have no clue yet.

Mama runs outside with the pistol, hands it to daddy, and he starts yelling "you brought me the wrong shot!". (crisis' in this house are quite the humorous thing to watch unfold by the way...)

I run back inside, grab the case that holds all of his shells, run back out and demand to know what is up there. It was a snake...

So, daddy loads the pistol, runs back to the side of the chicken coop in time to see the nuisance slither up to the top of the coop. We thought for sure we weren't going to be able to find the little bugger, and eliminate him, for how high up he was.

So, I take off across the yard for the ladder. In no way am I, the chicken snake huntress, going to allow this thing get away with his attempted thievery.

I run the ladder, all by by lonesome, across the yard to the coop. When I got back over there, daddy was watching the criminal attempt an escape out the back way. (so much for the ladder...) What Mr. Snake did not realize, is that by sneaking his devious little head out, he was setting himself up as the perfect target!

I hold the flashlight, while daddy takes aim, and BAM! Justice is served upon the thief of eggs. :)

So my dear ones, there's my random moment of the week. I am so thankful that these instances don't often occur around here. ;)

Oh yeah! Here's a toad I found on the side of the house, after the criminal got his mugshot taken. Ain't he the cutest! :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Angel,

    Wow! That was an eventful night! Thank you for sharing this funny story. I loved reading it! Eeek...snakes scare me...and that one is a huge one! lol And yep, that toad is really cute!

    Much <3 in Christ,

  2. I have to admit the toadie is cute. But that snake...wooh.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can imagine your mom was freaking over that snake....I don't care for snakes myself.



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