Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Skeleton of Thoughts

Before I get into this post, I want to say thanks to all of you dear readers out there that posted such encouraging comments yesterday. I'm not giving up the notion of my prince just because I turn 21. (the whole mourning garb thing was a joke) ;) I know the LORD has a Mr. Right for me. I just have to wait on HIS great timing. I have just been reading up on some history of late, and in just about every book that mentions a young woman getting married, if it didn't occur by the time she was 21, she was typically labeled an old maid. And well, it makes a girl wonder at times... ;)

Okay, now that's done I can get on with the topic at hand. As I stated in last weeks "Random Fridays" post, I have not been writing on many serious topics. I have been on this kick of posting photos and music all the time. Which is okay, just not ALL the time.

I've had a lot on my brain lately, just not the time to post it all out. But anyhow, I thought I would use this post and list some topics I would like to hit on within the next few weeks, as well as gain your input in what you the reader would like to see more of. Here's the list...

~ day in the life posts- always fun to write, and alot of you seem to enjoy them
~ a devotional on service- I would love to share with you the devotional I served at my afternoon tea. It was such a blessing to me, that I thought all of you would enjoy it.
~ poems- I have this book just full of poems targeted specifically at young ladies, and are such a joy and comfort.
~ how GOD has worked in my life since being saved at the age of 14
~ my views on self sufficiency- a huge topic with my family, as well as many bloggers. I realize that I have never truly expressed my thoughts on the subject, and I think now is a great time to do so.
~ thrift store shopping- basically I want to talk about how the LORD used this pastime to teach me quite a few character traits.
~ outfit of the day posts- I love to share with you gals an outfit that I have come up with. It is always alot of fun coming up with modest GOD honoring outfits, and sharing them with like minded ladies. :D
~ sewing projects- some of my most recent
~ a craft tutorial- you'll have to come back to see exactly what that is.
~ courtship and dating?- I realize that I have posted my views on this before, but after some prayer, a chat with my mom, and after reading a bit, some little things have changed in my thoughts there. Not sure if I will post this or not...
~ how the LORD is working in my life currently- witnessing, contentment, work, etc.

I think that covers the majority of it. There will be other posts in between these. This is just sort of a skeleton, to help organize my thoughts a bit.

What are your thoughts though? What would like to see more of on this blog? Or maybe something you would like to see less of? Are you looking forward to one of the above? Maybe there is a topic you would like to hear my thoughts on? I would love to hear about it :D

Well, I better get off of here for now. I pray that you all have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!


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