Friday, August 5, 2011

A Great Week!

Whew! What a week of VBS this has been! And to think that tonight is the last night? Wow, does time fly by when your having fun. :D

So, everything this week ran remarkably great! Snacks were good, lesson time was filled with GOD's goodness, game time went by smoothly with lots of laughs, and arts and crafts, well, I kept right on schedule, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. :)

I had a lot of fun with arts and crafts this week. Working with all different ages of kids was alot of fun. But, the LORD also taught me a few things through it. Things I pray that I can remember all the time... For instance, not getting so upset and downright angry when teens do not listen.

I had a bit of a time with keeping some of the teens calmed down and quiet enough to where I could show them how to complete the craft. Being my unfortunately bossy self, I may have lost my temper once, and wanted to throttle some of them, but hey! I showed self-control there! ;D

I just have a very difficult time of keeping calm when kids are not behaving, and especially not listening. The LORD showed me this week that yelling does not solve everything, but most of the time, a calm quiet, very serious voice does the trick. That is something I pray I can master by the time I'm married and have kids... ;)

I also learned that I need to stop being so overbearing. Being bossy, I have a tendency to also want things done my way, or no way. And well, I was showed that I need to get that under control... ;)

But overall, I LOVED working at VBS this week, and am sorta sad to see it done and over with. There's next year's though, and I am so looking forward to that! And I am so thankful for the LORD's goodness and mercy through this whole week. :)

Oh yes! My mini-vacation for the weekend is back on. With Emily no longer a threat to our coast, my dad feels secure enough to head out bright and early tomorrow morning to visit his family in West Virginia! I am really looking forward to a change in scenery. :)

Well, I need to get off of here for now! I pray that you all have a wonderfully blessed day!

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