Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Back...

Yay!!! I am so excited to be back home. I had the most awesome and wonderful and amazing time in West Virginia, but as the saying goes, there is no place like home. :D

So yes, I had a fantastic time in West Virgina. This trip was just what the doctor ordered for me. Adventure, family, rest, GORGEOUS scenery, good food, and the overall change in pace, was exactly what I needed. So here is what I did each day...

Saturday- Woke up around 3:30 am, thinking we were going to leave at four but did not until 7 am. :(
Ate breakfast on the road around nine.
Stopped for gas twice.
Saw the first mountain around 1 pm.
Drove through two tunnels around 2 pm.
Finally arrived at my grandmas house by 5 pm.
Visited several aunts and uncles on top the mountain by 6:30 pm.
Visited with another aunt and uncle around 8 pm.
Passed out after a very longggg... day around 10:30 pm. ;)

Sunday- Went to church with my Grandma and aunt. Saw a TON of people there that I
was related to, but had no clue who they were... ;)
Got back to my grandma's around 1 and ate lunch.
Visited with even more aunts and uncles and cousins.
Got asked for the five hundredth time (maybe a bit exaggerated there) why I
was not married and did not have a boyfriend.
Politely answered (for the five hundredth time), no guy has asked me out...
Rode a four-wheeler, with my dad to the very, very top of a mountain.
Saw a strip mining job atop that mountain.
Visited my grandmas family cemetery(the graves there date to the early 1800s)
Visited my grandmas side of the family original homestead.
Rode the four wheeler down what is called Rail Hollow.
Waded in Knox Creek looking for crawdads with my cousin and her family.
Got back to my grandmas and saw one of the prettiest sunsets over the

Monday- Slept till around 8:30 am.
Ate my grandmas famous biscuits for breakfast.
Went to visit my cousin and her two kids.
Held my cousins cutest little girl. :D
Was asked for the six hundredth time, why I was not married...
Visited another cousin and her family.
Drove to the top of another mountain and saw one of the most beautiful look
outs EVER.
Visited my uncle and more cousins.
Watched my dad play pool with my uncle.
Watched my little cousins play for awhile.
Headed back to my grandma's and unfortunately got a bit sick on those horribly
winding roads... :(
Ate dinner at my cousins, while watching some hunting videos. :)
Drooled over my cousins, husbands bow. ;)
Went four wheeling to what is called Panther Creek.
Sat outside with my aunt, uncle, and cousins while listening to the crickets,
an smelling the fragrant mountain evening air.
Talked with my aunts and grandma until 11 pm.

Tuesday- Was given several things for my birthday, to put in my hope chest,from my
Left there by 8 am.
Stopped at the North Carolina rest area by 12 pm.
Ate lunch around 1:30 pm in Siler City.
Got a bit of cabin fever and thought I was going to go crazy in that car
around 3.
Arrived home, finally, by 5 pm. :D

Whew! With all that fun, it's no wonder I have had the most difficult time getting anything done today! ;D But, wow, that trip was exactly what I needed. I can't wait till I can head back up there and do it all again. :)

Oh yes! I took a ton of pictures, and I hope to have all of those up for you by this evening. :D

But can I just say it again? It is so good to be back with all of you dear folks. Thank-you LORD for your safety and blessing on this wonderful trip. :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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