Friday, August 12, 2011

It Won't be My Fault If I Die An Old Maid...

Okay. So I was browsing around this morning on the web, and came across this poem. I just had to share it with you for Random Friday. I just about fell over laughing when I read it! :P Anyway, I hope you read it and enjoy. And for all you other single ladies out there, I hope it brings a good laugh to you. ;D

It won't be my fault If I die An Old Maid

My mother pretends for a wife I'm too young,
and says that men will deceive me.
But let her look back, she'll soon hold her tongue;
if not, 'tis no matter, believe me,
Sweet gentlemen, don't be a moment in fear,
and suffer a damsel to keep singing here,
remember a thought to no girl is so dread,
as the terrible one--that she may die an old maid.

Mother preaches forever against men, the vile gender,
and says every look is alarming,
but, between you and I, this she says only to render,
for I know that she thinks you all charming.
Three husbands she has had in the course of her life,
now I only want one, sir, "Pray who'll have a good wife?"
Now men don't be stupid and look half-afraid!
Speak boldly, or else I must die an old maid.

Men boast they are kind, and easily had,
and lovers are willing and plenty,
I vow it is false, for I've not got a lad,
although I'm turned one-and-twenty.
The man I love best now stands in full view--
don't look so sharp, sir! I did not mean you,
but that handsome man there--O, what have I said,
but it won't be my fault if I die an old maid.

- The Quaver; or, Songster's Pocket Companion:
containing upwards of One Thousand of the most popular Songs, Toasts, Sentiments, and Recitations

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Awesome poem!! :-D :-D :-D

    Happy Birthday, my friend!


  2. Love the poem! Happy Birthday, hope your day was fantatic!



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