Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Learning Now, For Then

Don't you just love trips to town "grocery shopping"? You don't really intend on buying much of anything, just a few essentials. You head out the door and down the road you go. You know where your going and what your looking for. But it comes in view. Oh dear. This could be bad. You wage a war withing yourself, do I stop or do I go? Pass by, or stop in? Maybe there will be something you need or want, and hey! You can't beat their prices! You can't help it, you just have to stop. Yes my friends, I'm talking about that wonderful store. The thrift store that just "happens" to be on the way to the grocery store. ;)

This was me this past Thursday. I told myself I was going to only go to the Wally World, grab some dog food, and other little things, when it came in my site. I have this horrible habit lately that whenever a thrift store comes in view, I get this major case of ADD, and can not continue on my merry way without stopping. ;D But this past Thursday's case of ADD was a blessing.

I walked in, browsed the skirts, then shoes, then over to the dresses, when something very familiar caught my eye right beside them. It was a 10pc. set of salad plates, and 9 mugs, in the same exact pattern of canisters that I bought at an antique store in May! I was ecstatic! If there was ever a time I wanted to go skipping through a store it was then. :D

And the best part of all was the price. I only paid fity-nine cents for each item. Twelve or some dollars in all. ( By the way, I went online and looked up the pattern, and found that brand new, these salad plates cost six dollars a piece, and the mugs three. The canister set costs between 25-35 bucks new, I bought it for $13.50 at an antique shop. Oh, yeah. :D Now if only I could find the dinner plates at a good price to go with them. I have a feeling I may be saving a bit for those...)

Oh yes! Here are some of the cloth napkins I made with material I bought at the same store back in May, or June. A perfect match for my future kitchen. ;)

I am so thankful the LORD blessed me with these great deals. And to think that once upon a time, I would never even look twice at a thrift shop.

My pride in what others might think of me, kept me from shopping there. When I was younger, I would think that if people saw me there, they would think me "poor" or "needy". While I am neither, I am certainly not well to do. The LORD has showed me, that through buying used, I can save a ton of money, and use the resources HE has blessed me with to the fullest potential.

Also, by learning this lesson of being thrifty now, while I am single, with very few current expenses, I can help save my future family alot of financial hardship. By already knowing how to spend money wisely, and in the best way possible, I can prayerfully be a blessing to my future husband. Thank-you LORD for this opportunity. :)

She perceiveth that her merchandise is good:her candle goeth not out by night. Proverbs 31:18

How about you? Do you thrift store shop? If so, what are some things you like to look for in particular?

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Those look really nice, you can find such terrific deals at thrift stores. We've found great bargins on clothes for my girls, nice looking name-brand stuff. It just goes to show you can dress nice for less money!



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