Monday, August 1, 2011


Yay!!! The day has finally come! Everything is planned and set, and all I have to do is head out the door to the church and wait for the kids to arrive. What am I talking about folks? VBS of course!

Our church is holding our first VBS in quite awhile. It will be held every night, until Friday. I am so excited about it! Last time VBS was held, I was one of the children in it. But now I'm one of the teachers, which is pretty neat. The change of time is so amazing. :)

So, as I said before, I am in charge of arts and crafts. It has been quite the interesting thing coming up with a craft for each age, for every night. I have enjoyed it. Yet at the same time it's been a tad bit on the stressful side, having to figure something fairly simple to create, but fun at the same time. Alas, I do believe I have found a happy balance for each.

So, this is what I have planned out for each age group...

M- Book marks
T- Days of Creation book (the kids draw and color what was created on
each day, on paper plates to make a book)
W- Paint wooden dinosaur cut outs
T- Paint Bible verse sun catchers
F- Decorate foam cross hanger/ornament

M- Book mark
T- Wordless bracelet
W- Days of Creation Book (same as K-2nd)
T- Paint Bible Verse sun catcher or dinosaur cut outs
F- Decorate foam cross hanger/ ornament

M- Bookmarks
T- Wordless Bracelet
W- Paint photo frame
T- Paint T-shirts
F- Key chains ( they have the option of making them into the Christian
ichthys, or a straight one with a word such as love,
joy, peace, etc.)

But with the fun of VBS, comes the sobering reminder, that this week is also a time of learning and growing in the LORD. My greatest prayer for this upcoming week is that the LORD will send kids our way, who need to hear the gospel. And that those kids will come to know Christ as their saviour, and go home, and be a witness to their parents.

I also pray that each of us workers, will be a shining light to these kids, showing them the love of Christ. That they will see smiling and joyous hearts, eager to serve the LORD. For how we behave, reflects upon our LORD.

Will you pray for our VBS this week? That souls will be saved, and that others will grow in the knowledge of our LORD? That the kids will not be distracted, and have an open heart to the gospel? That all the games, crafts, skits, snack, and all else will run smoothly? Your prayers would be appreciated. :D

Well, I've got to get a few little things ready before I head out the door. So until next time...

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh VBS is so much fun! I enjoyed it as a kid and also when I got to be a VBS teacher too! It is a great time to be a blessing to a lot of little children!



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