Monday, September 26, 2011

Cleaning, And A Fishing Trip in My Near Future?

Oh wow my friends! I'm on a roll here! I have manged two Mondays in a row off! I'm afraid if this keeps up much longer, I may get a bit spoiled. :P

So, the reason for me having a Monday off, there's no group at camp today! After this past weekend's Ladies Retreat, I know that a day to rest is in high order for all of the staff there. I know it's a blessing for me today. :D

So, how will my Monday be spent? Two words, cleaning and decorating. Not being home much the past few weeks, my part of keeping the house clean has been a tad bit neglected. Also, since fall is officially here I will be putting up a bit of fall decor around here. :D Then perhaps if time allows, I may catch up on a few sewing projects I have been neglecting. I'm just so thankful for this opportunity to help my mom out around the house today. :)

Oh and guess what! I may get to go spot fishing tomorrow! :D My dad is planning on a trip tomorrow, and if I get all my work done (school and egg washing) I will hopefully be able to meet him at the pier. We'll see how that pans out... :D

Well, I better get off of here and get busy. Times a wasting, and there's work to be done.

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi, Angel. :) I hope you got all your cleaning done and got to go fishing too. Do you have a lot of chickens? We have seven layers(plus some retired layers) and they are only giving about three eggs a day. I hope they pick up on their laying soon. :)


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