Friday, October 14, 2011

An Anniversary, and Annabelle

So, last week was sort of an anniversary for me. I have now been blogging for 4 years. Wow! Just saying that, and I can hardly believe it. It's amazing to me to look back through my old blog posts, and to see how much my life has changed, and to be reminded of how the LORD has so graciously worked in my life over the years. I am so unworthy of that kind of love, but I am thankful for it. :)

So for Random Friday's, I thought I would go back into the old files, and share this post I wrote in March of 2009. It's all about our milk cow, Annabelle. I hope you enjoy. :D

Isn’t it neat how God gives each and every person on this earth a unique personality? I love meeting and getting to know all sorts of people and finding out their personalities. They all have different likes and dislikes. Even the way people talk and walk can identify them as an individual.

What also amazes me is how God can give animals personalities as well. Call me crazy, but just about every animal that I have taken the time to love and care for has a unique personality. Its just so amazing to me! Even chickens and cows have their own personality and a way of doing things.

This brings me to talk about the newest addition to our homestead, Anna-Belle the cow! I know this is old news about our her being here, but until recently I’ve not taken the time to get to know our family milk cow. She truly is a breed all to herself (even though she is a pure-bred Jersey).

To me she seems to believe that she is royalty. We’ve probably put that idea into her head by calling her "madam" or "her majesty". You would probably call her that too if you saw the way she strides around in her pen, with head and feet held high.

She’s a very demanding and rushing sort of bovine. If you are not going fast enough in the milking or feeding, she will will take to stomping with her impatience. I’ve had to give her numerous lectures on her Yankee ways(she grew up on a farm that was owned by people from New York). I’ve tried to explain to her that she is to now behave as the southern belle she is expected to be, and to be patient and never in a hurry about anything.

You would never believe it was true,but we have a watch-cow! Whenever the dogs make a fuss about anything she has to find out what is wrong and then put her two-cents in. It’s quite humorous seeing her "moo" when something strange comes up in the yard.

Anna-Belle is also a sweet girl. Whenever you walk out to her she comes running up so eager to see you. Then she puts her head down and looks up at you with those long, dark lashes, as if she saying to you "please pet and love me". It’s so precious. Then when you do rub that favorite spot on her neck, she runs off and starts leaping for joy. Too cute!

Well, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Anna-Belle a little better. I just love my cow! And I hope that you will now be willing to get to know some your animals a little better as well.(Just so long you are not raising them for food, and that could be a problem later down the road... )

I pray that you have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


What great memories this post brought back for me. :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Here is the link to my old blog if you would like to give it a look at.

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  1. How exciting to reach 4 years of blogging! Thank you for sharing of yourself for so long and being such a great source of encouragement.
    In Christ


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