Sunday, November 13, 2011

Favorite Wardrobe Pieces

So lately I have been in love with with two things in my wardrobe. One thing, is cardigans! I can not get enough of these things! They are absolutely perfect for our somewhat bipolar weather here in southeast NC. Pair it with a nice tank, or lovely little polo, and voila! A classy, and elegant outfit you have.

And of course the second, is my favorite little pearl necklace. Sorry for all of you diamond fans out there, but pearls are the best. Classy, elegant, I can never wear these enough.

So, since both of these are pretty classy and elegant in my book, why not pair them together? That is exactly what I did for church this morning...

I paired a cardigan that I picked up at a thrift shop on Friday, with a thrifted tank I purchased back in September, added my favorite my favorite black circle skirt, that I've had forever, add a belt and boots. And ta da! Probably one of the more favorite church outfits I have come up with...

So, what are some favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. very pretty! I love cardigans as well. I wear them all the time because they make something casual look just a little bit nicer. I have a pair of pearl cluster earrings from Avon I wear all the time. Although I love my diamond wedding ring, Pearls really are the best:)

  2. How pretty!
    One of my favourite outfits would be a shirt/sweater/cardigan with a cute skirt and my favourite boots!

  3. Hello Angel!

    We are doing a special challenge next year: faithfully memorizing 52 verses!! I know that it is difficult for an individual to continue in their memory of God’s Word, yet it is so important! So we are hoping to get a good-sized group of people who are committed to memorize one verse each week in 2012. I would love to see you join us if you can!

    ~Ana Renee


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