Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From An Old Piece of Wood?

A couple of months ago, my mom and I were walking around the yard, talking and just enjoying the scenery. She began to talk about how she would love to have some rustic sort of signs to hang around the yard. You know, something that says fresh eggs, milk, welcome, and what not.

So we began a search. We scoured antique shops, malls, the Internet, thrift stores, the list goes on. But we could not find anything that fit our budget, or tastes. And so mama mostly gave up our quest.

I however had not.

I kept looking, but could still not find anything. Then I found Pinterest. And on Pinterest, a wonderful little tutorial.

All you have to do is find some old wood, stencils, brushes, paint, sandpaper, and a creative mind. :D

With it being so close to Christmas then, I thought what a better gift for my mom?

So to "work" I went.

I thought for sure she knew about them. I mean, begging Daddy to saw up some boards, is not a normal request from me. ;)

But she was surprised. And I have been commissioned to design even more. :D

The best part about this deal, is that the wood is absolutely free. I've just been using old boards that have stacked up around the yard. So I'm being both thrifty and green, by recycling old materials. :D

It goes to show you, if you try hard enough, you make just about anything old and worn out, new and beautiful. :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Very nice! You did a really good job on those signs, I'm sure your mom loves them!


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