Friday, January 27, 2012

"No, Just Learning"

I went to the library today. I've been wanting to check out some books on herbal remedies and child birth. I found fairly easily what I wanted, and checked them out. Well, while I was walking out the door the librarian asked me with a huge grin on her face "Who's expecting?". I politely told her no one, I am just interested in learning about child birth. With a big ole' smile she says "Oh, that's interesting...".

I guess to most it would seem odd that a young, single woman would be checking out books on childbirth practices. From what I can gather, most women really do not look into childbirth practices, child rearing, or anything pertaining to that subject until they are faced with it.

I've made a decision in my life. I am not going to wait until the last minute to cram for what will probably be the biggest test of my life. The test of parenthood.

No, I do not foresee myself getting married, and having children anytime soon. But I do believe with all of my heart the LORD does have that in store for my future. I believe this because of how HE has led me to stay at home daughter hood.

HE has blessed me with this very special season of life. Not just as a stay at home daughter, but as a single young woman. A season of serving HIM and learning for HIM. By researching these subjects now, (while I don't have the responsibilities of a house hold to run) I can use the extra time that has been given, to prepare for the future.

It's kind of like the English tests you had in school. You did not wait until the day of the test to start studying the terms, and rules. (that is if you were wise...) Why would I wait until I'm pregnant with raging hormones, and life to deal with, to learn about what is going on inside of me and what will go on? Wouldn't it be easier to learn now, while I don't have those issues to consider?

It reminds me of that verse in Proverbs 31:27-

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Wouldn't I be looking well to the ways of my future household, making it run as smoothly as possible, with the LORD's guidance, by learning all I can now?

I think so. What about you?

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I agree! Doctors have been saying for years that young women need to be preparing their bodies for pregnancy long before they ever even hope to conceive; and I think it's just as important to prepare our minds, so that we already know what will be happening and what we will need to do to keep ourselves and our children healthy.

    Maybe the librarian thought you were creepy, but I don't think so at all! :-D



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