Monday, February 20, 2012

A SAHD's Unexpected Flak

BOOM! BAM! Spiraling down, down, down... What do I do? Where did this come from? Why, me? Can I pull up from this? Why, why, why?

I felt as if I had been hit recently. I've been flying smoothly in my choice of being a stay at home daughter for the last while, then out of no where, flak. And it didn't just strafe me. I was hit dead on.

I felt the LORD's calling to be a stay at home daughter over two years ago. (You can read about my decision under the label "Journey To HIS Will" on the sidebar) When I first came to that decision, I knew that people would not understand it, and question me. I expected it. So getting criticism and questions then, was not so bad.

But, receiving questions and criticism, after almost three years of doing this was not what I expected.

I was devastated after my motives were questioned. Especially since remarks came from someone that is a Christian, and has heard my full story countless times. I expect that sort of thing from an unbeliever, but from a fellow believer? I was shell shocked.

Maybe they did not realize their remarks were said in a condescending way. Maybe I just took them wrong. But none the less, it hurt.

I guess the reason it hurt so bad, is that I feel alone. I don't believe that most people in my acquaintance really accept or understand what I do with my life. I'm not upset with them for it. Unless GOD has shown you this way of life personally, you truly cannot understand it. And GOD does call each of us in different directions in life.

For me, I have currently been called as a stay at home daughter. That means not going off to college to get a degree behind my name, but living with my parents until I get married. It means not training for a career outside the home, but learning for a career within the home. It means spending my single years serving my family in anyway I can, as well as anyone else in my community. It means striving to become as the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman.

I'm just doing what the LORD has called me to do in my life. Just as you and everyone else is doing what the LORD commanded of them in their life.

Why did I get judged? I think the flak I was hit with, was sent to distract and discourage me. To distract me from my goal of sticking with GOD's plan with my life. And to discourage me from joyfully serving the LORD.

Yes, I was shot down. But not destroyed. I have come out of the rubble, stronger, and more determined to get going again. To serve the LORD where HE has placed me at this time.

I pray I don't have to face that painful experience again. But next time, I'll know how to deal with those shells being hurled at me. I'll just look to my father above, thank HIM for where HE has placed me, (maybe cry a bit again...) and continue flying along this journey, to the goal of becoming more like HIM. :D

Whatever trials are in your path right now, I pray the LORD will give you strength to overcome them, and continue along the path HE has placed you on. :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I know what you mean girl. I hate it when people, who know where you stand, question why you do what you do and why you're not in college or anything. But it can be a way to testify and just tell them [once again] what God has done and is doing in your life! So just stay strong'll be worth it after all! :D

  2. Angel, most of my extended family members cannot comprehend how being a sahd is the LORD's calling on my life. But it is! And when you know that you are doing HIS will, you have a peace that no one can take away. Stay strong! I'll be praying for you! ~Jordan

  3. Aw, Angel, I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through a tough time. :-( The unexpected comments like that are a lot harder to deal with than the ones you can see coming.

    Whenever you stand for something and commit your life to that - and especially if it is doing the Lord's will and keeping yourself different from the world - then you are going to be misunderstood and scorned. Just remember that the Lord is trusting you with the experience of suffering for Him. And we're proud of you for being strong and sticking to your commitment to live for Him. :-) You're doing a wonderful job, Angel!!

    ~ Vicki

  4. Hi Angel. I have never commented on your blog before, but I have been reading (catching up as a new follower). I must admit, the idea of a SAHD was a bit perplexing to me at first. I am a married, mother of four, with a 16 year old daughter. She is in 10th grade, so only a couple of years left before she will be making some lifetime decisions such as yours. I honestly do no see her (wanting to be) as a SAHD, but if it would be what the Lord has her do, then I would surely be thrilled by it.

    I have a college degree, I work in the corporate world. I am the "soccer & dance mom" that is so typical of so many women of this world. But when I am home, in my garden or gathering eggs from our chickens, I often wonder what it would be like to be a SAHM. Its not something I ever dreamed of or thought of doing, until now.

    Keep your faith sweetie. You are a wonderful woman with a servant heart. Beautiful!!

    God Bless,

  5. Angel,

    I found you blog by clicking on someone else's blogroll. I have never met a SAHD before, nor in my area of the world would you, it's WAY too liberal. But, as a conservative Christian I don't see what the issue is. If you know that wife and mother are your calling then why spend time and money on pursuing a career you'll never use in the future? Stay strong in your convictions.

    All the best,


  6. I really like the post Angel. I would like to be a stay at home daughter, but my parents think I should go to college and learn as much as I can. Where were you a teacher at? I would like to be a teacher, but my parents think I have to get a teaching degree in irder to do so, and. I have to go to college if I want to be a missionary.
    What do you think about this?


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