Saturday, March 24, 2012


The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork. Psalm 19:1

So. Me, my mom, and my sister were sitting around the living room, discussing what my sister is going to bring for our snack in Sunday school tomorrow. We are thinking of getting fresh Krispy Kreme donuts, as my mom will be driving near a store tomorrow morning.

We were wondering how early they will be open, and decided to go online and check it out. I was sitting closest to the computer, so naturally I was asked to look it up. I got as far as Google, and then glanced out our front door. I noticed how beautiful the light was, and realized that almost always, when the light is at that angle and there is a light rain, a rainbow is inevitable.

So I jumped up, ran out the door and low and behold, there it was. A painting by GOD's own hand. And of course, if I see a rainbow, I HAVE to snap some pics (and yell and scream and squeal for everyone to come look...). :D

So I dash across the house, grab the camera and it's back out the door. Is this beautiful or what?

Of course the house and trees were in my way, and slightly irritating the life out of me. Then bam! A VISION! Down the driveway I go! Then I see it. A full, and uninterrupted view of GOD's art work. And folks, these bright beauties are unedited pics.

Not a rainbow, but boy was the light pretty on this crab apple blossom..

But alas. The light faded, along with the precious sight. Then something came back to me. I was supposed to be doing something. Oh yeah! Donuts! Mama asked me to see when Krispy Kreme opened. Uh, I guess I didn't get very far with that request... ;D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. All the photos are beautiful. And the apple blossoms are God's handiwork, too. ;o)
    Hope you got your donuts! I think most Krispy Kremes open quite early, even on Sunday.
    Have a blessed day! ♥

  2. Oh wow! It looks like there was a double rainbow in that last picture before the crab apple blossom! We had a beautiful rainbow last night as well and then this morning on my way to church, there was one...and it hadn't even rained since last that was extra neat! ;)


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