Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy, Yet Wonderfully Blessed Week

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a wonderfully blessed day! It's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. The temps are in the mid 70's, and it's just a tad bit overcast. Thank-you LORD for this wonderfully warm weather! :D

Well, last week was a whirl wind of activity. With work around my parents homestead, work on my neighbor's farm, school, and everything in between, I'm feeling pretty run down. But praise the LORD! I have the rest of this afternoon to relax, just as soon as I help with usual Monday cleaning. :)

But, for now I thought I would take the time and share with you some of the busy moments of the week. As well as a few relaxing ones as well.

I worked on my neighbor's farm three days last week. I was pretty surprised by how much time I was asked to work. They are slowly getting rid of their laying chickens, which means my hours spent washing eggs have been cut. Any way, I spent one day washing eggs last week, one packaging meat chickens, and another gathering vegetables for the market. So, I am thankful for the extra work last week.

Oh yes! I've been meaning to share this bit of news. Justin and I have been asked to plan and oversee teen activities for church! I'm pretty excited at working with them, and hopefully being an encouragement to them in their Christian walk.

Friday was our first activity. We played wiffle ball, table games, had snacks, and Justin led in a devotional time. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I was pretty excited at the large turnout.

Our church held a work day on the grounds Saturday. The men worked on clearing ditches and demolishing an old pump house. The ladies cleaned tables, weeded, and trimmed hedges. It was a great time of fellowship and ministry.

Sunday was our church anniversary. We celebrated it by having dinner on the grounds, and having what would be our normal evening service right after the potluck dinner.

After dinner, Justin and I decided to spend the free evening by heading to the salty air and waves. Yes, the beach. :D

We stopped off at a local doughnut shop, for no kidding, the BEST doughnuts EVER. We then headed down to the pier to heartily consume the glazed, fried dough. Oh, and to the gaze at GOD's marvelous creation as well. ;)

If you look pretty closely in this pic, the little white round things are cannon ball jellies. They were all around the end of the pier.

This was pretty neat. A pelican roosting on the railing.

Oh then there's this pretty awesome site... ;D

Thank-you LORD for safety this past week, fellowship, and the ability to work hard. :D

Well, I believe I'll get off of here for now. Time to get busy working so I can relax! :)

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds like you had a great week, Angel! I wish we had as nice weather as you. It has been freezing here, 40's and 50's. But God knows what we need. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I really enjoy looking at them! Have a great week! ~Jordan

  2. Such a cute couple, lol! That is so neat you got to enjoy the beach, it's beautiful!


  3. Sounds great about the church!
    And thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures.
    God bless and have a wonderful week. ♥

  4. Aw, your pictures are wonderful, Angel! I especially love all your beach pictures - and you and Justin look so happy!! :-)

    Keep on posting pics - your part of the country is so pretty in the spring! :-)


    1. P.S. Thanks for popping by my blog earlier! I tried to reply to you on that post, and then realized after I'd posted it that my new template doesn't allow replies, just more comments ... anyhow, feel free to pop over again and read my reply the old-fashioned way. :-}

      And I still love your pictures ... they give me a feeling of peace in the middle of a very un-peaceful week! *slightly maniacal final-exam-week grin* {:-D



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