Monday, April 23, 2012

The Mother's of the West

The Mother's of the West

The Mothers of our Forest -Land!
Stout – hearted dames were they;
With nerve to wield the battle – brand,
And join the border – fray.
Our rough land had no braver,
In it’s days of blood and strife -
Aye ready for severest toil,
Aye free to peril life.

The Mothers of our Forest – Land!
On old Kentucky’s soil,
How shared they, with each dauntless band,
War’s tempest and Life’s toil!
They shrank not from the foeman -
They quailed not in fight -
But cheered their husbands through the day,
And soothed them through the night.

The Mothers of our Forest – Land!
Their bosoms pillowed men!
And proud were they by such to stand,
In hammock, fort, or glen.
To load the sure old rifle -
To run the leaden ball -
To watch a battling husband’s place,
And fill it should he fall.

The Mothers of our Forest – Land!
Such were their daily deeds.
Their monument! – where does it stand?
Their epitaph! – who reads?
No braver dreams had Sparta,
No nobler matrons Rome -
Yet who here lauds or honors them,
E’en in their own green home!

The Mothers of our Forest – Land!
They sleep in unknown graves;
And had they borne and nursed a band
Of ingrates, or of slaves,
They had not been more neglected!
But their graves shall yet be found,
And their monuments dot here and there
The Dark and Bloody Ground.

~William D. Galligher~

I found this poem in a book, and was really inspired by the truth of it. Women of the frontier are to be greatly admired for their hard work, and the sacrifice they made to follow their husbands to a new land. A land full of toils and trials.

Can you imagine what encouragements they probably were to their husbands who fought battles, in wars and the daily trials of life? Go back and read some of their stories. What great examples of strength and virtue these frontier women can be! Just by following their husbands lead, serving by his side, helping to fulfil his goals and dreams in life, by opening the way to the greatest country ever.

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  1. Oh Angel, this is just lovely!! I think the pioneer women of the west were definitely some of the bravest women in all of history - the things they faced and did, out there on the frontier where things were so hard, are absolutely flabbergasting. Thanks for the beautiful poem!!

    Thanks also for your sweet comment on my "dead week" post ... I really appreciate your encouragement! :-)



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