Thursday, May 3, 2012

Comfy, Cool, and Cheap

Have I ever ,mentioned how much I love the heat? Well, I REALLY love it. :D Besides the fact I don't shiver, I can wear flowy skirts, and not freeze. ;)

It's been pretty warm here this week, with temps topping out around 90. So it has been PERFECT weather for pulling out all the flowy skirts. Here's one of my favorites. I bought it, along with the shirt, at a fave thrift shop last summer.

I wore this outfit to church on Wednesday night, and while out and about Thursday afternoon. It is so comfy and cool....

And since it was so comfy Wednesday night, I thought it would be a great school outfit as well.

I just changed the shoes, and added the belt and sweater to dress it up a bit.

A quick story about these sandals. I have really been wanting a pair of vintage style sandals for the past year, but was having a bit of a hard time finding any. Anyway, I stopped by my fave thrift shop out of the blue one day, said a quick prayer asking the LORD to bless with some great bargains, and what I could use. I walked in, and there they were on the shelf, and just my size! :D It goes to show you, GOD works in ALL areas of our lives if we just ask. :)

Want to hear another great tid bit about this outfit? The total price was 12 dollars. Oh yeah. I love thrifting... ;D

Have you had any great thrifting buys lately? I'd love to hear about them if you do! :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. You're like my middle son. He loves the heat, too.
    I love whatever the Lord blesses us with, but I prefer cooler weather.
    Have a blessed Friday! :o)

  3. Cute outfit, Angel!! Aren't thrift stores wonderful? :)

    P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for your thoughtful comment & prayers over my college decision! I so appreciate it. I finally made my decision, and though I still feel insecure and nervous, God is giving me excitement over this new change! =) Thanks again. <3

    1. You're welcome for the prayers. Still praying for you. I'm so glad the LORD is granting you excitement for the new chapter in your life. :D

  4. I love this outfit, Angel! So feminine and flattering... I think you look good in all colors!!! And I also enjoy the hot weather. Yesterday got up to 92! We were outside all day! It was wonderful!

    My most recent clothing blessing was last week. My mom and I brought some clothes to our local consignment shop and found out that we made $10 in our account. We found 9 items on the dollar rack and actually got paid 42 cents for buying them. So it was as if we traded in some old clothes for new ones. It is always such a blessing when God provides for our needs and wants.

    Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. You are beautiful, inside and out!

    Have a blessed day! ~Jordan

  5. I love your outfit, Angel! It's always an added bonus when you can find cute clothes without paying a lot for them!

  6. Beautiful outfit! Sometimes I think it is easier to find modest clothing at thrift shops than it is anywhere else. Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a beautiful outfit- I love how you pair it up and down when the occasion fits. And I also love how the Lord directs us and guides us in all things- including our clothes shopping. I haven't been too thrifty lately, I did once get a pair of work slacks for $6 off the sale rack at Target! hehe


  8. That is a great outfit! I love thrift stores too.

  9. Hi Angel!
    I have been searching for a little help and I think I have found my answers on your page. I have been newly convicted to wear skirts and I am all about it. I dont have any friends or close family that wear them regularly so its a little hard at times. I was just looking for a little inspiration to carry on.


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