Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Done and Over With!

That describes two things in our family right now. My sister has officially completed her high school education, and I have finished up teaching K-3 for this year. :D

I must say I'm pretty excited at the latter being done with for awhile. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching the K-3 class. I love the opportunity the LORD has given me in serving HIM in the capacity of working with children. HE has taught me so much through it this year.

Like having patience with children, and all of their little quirks. Or how a kind, gentle attitude can go a long way in disciplining a child. Also, when to let certain actions or attitudes go unnoticed, and when to correct others.

HE gave me many blessings as well. Like perfect days when no one goes into time out. :D There were also days following particularly rough ones for kids, where they would constantly ask me, "Am I being good, and making Jesus happy?". Days filled with bubbling laughter, and care free smiles, that only a child can have. Little moments that just made my heart swell with joy in serving the LORD in that capacity.

I'm just excited at the prospect of staying home, and being able to help out around my parents homestead more often. I truly LOVE this part of being a stay at home daughter. Being able to help my family around here, serving them in whatever capacity they need me to. Whether it's milking the cow, weeding the garden, doing laundry, you name it, I love helping run a home. :)

For the first item I mentioned being done and over with, I'm pretty excited, and proud of. My sister has completed home school high school. She was able to participate in the large graduation ceremony that our state holds for home schoolers, in Winston-Salem. And what an awesome, Christ centered ceremony it was. :D

I'm so proud of my little sister, and how much of a Godly, and beautiful young woman she has become. And I truly can't wait to see where the LORD guides her steps in the coming years. I love you Gracie! :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. Congratulations to Grace on all your hard work! And congratulations to you too Amanda on a job well done! Only one more to go!


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