Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Is Officially 22...

Yeap. As of yesterday around, 1:30 in the afternoon, I officially turned 22. Wow, I'm getting old... :P

And what a fantastic day it was. I'm not sure that I celebrated on just one day this year. In fact I think the party got started Saturday with a HUGE surprise from a very special someone.

Justin texted me Friday night asking me to ride to town with him Saturday morning. I'm naturally a nosy person, and asked him why. Well, he never really told me why. He just said he needed to get something adjusted. I left it alone and assumed he would tell me when he wanted.

Saturday morning comes, he picks me up, and instead of taking a left for town, we went straight. I asked where we were going, and he said he needed to pick something up at his house. We get to his house, and his 2 year old niece greets us and says "we got a present for you Angel!". Long story short, I opened this huge box, and laying in it was the most gorgeous compound bow. I got to spend all of Saturday adjusting my gift, and shooting her off. :D

For my actual birthday, I decided to hang around the house, with a slight celebration in the evening.

Mama grilled the most amazing steaks for dinner. Followed by my favorite dessert of cheesecake...

My brother gave me a huge surprise as well. Every year I ask him if he will give me some flowers, and he says no. This year, he surprised me with this...

Love that little brother of mine...

My sister fulfilled one request for me. A photo shoot with my special someone...

How about the LORD blessing me with this sight in the evening...

I am so thankful for another year. Twenty-one was a great year. Full of many adventures, and lessons from the LORD. I can't wait to see where twenty-two goes. GOD is so good, ALL the time! :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Happy birthday Angel! I looks like you had a wonderful day! God bless you dear :)

  2. Happy birthday, Angel!!! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us - it looks like you had a wonderful day! Your photoshoot was just adorable; your flower from your brother was just beautiful; and your bow looks awesome too! :-)

    I hope that your twenty-second year will be as wonderful as your twenty-first. I'm so thankful for your sweet spirit and example of diligence and faith, and I'm so glad that you're my sister in Christ!! :-)

    Happy birthday, my friend!


  3. Happy happy belated birthday Angel!!! I'm sure you'll have a blessed twenty-second year!!!

  4. Angel, Happy Birthday. Love the pics. I can't believe you got Gracie to take them. ;) I plan on taking the children's school pics next week. Hopefully. I am looking at updating my camera soon but that ALWAYS takes a lot of research. I can't remember if you screen your comments but I have a few ideas of locations for a photo shoot. I will post two comments. Anyway, hope you got a lot of stuff for your birthday. God Bless. Tell your Mom hello. From US :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great time!


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