Monday, September 17, 2012

Confidence in HIM

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Have you ever had a thought come into your life, and you know that the LORD was the only one who brought it to you? And you only shared it one or two people? How about something even more amazing. Has GOD brought that same thought to you in another form, whether it be a sermon, devotion, or some other form in your life? I had one of these moments last week, and I am so blown away at how the LORD spoke at just the right time.

The topic of prayer has been on my mind quite a bit of late. It's one area I'm afraid I struggle with in my Christian walk. And it's an area the LORD has really been working on with me of late.

Last Sunday, on the way home to church, I had a particular request on my heart, and could not get if off. While listening to the radio in my truck, a devotional minute came on. And to my great delight, it was on prayer and making specific prayer requests to GOD! The speaker just went on to share an experience hey had in prayer, and how they prayed for a very specific thing, and the LORD answered it in just that way.

14 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:

15 And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. 1 John 5:14-14

The next day, I shared this thought with someone else. And they agreed that praying for specific request is the right thing, as long as it is GOD's will.

So, two days go by and it's time for midweek services on Wednesday night. We are studying through the book of 1 John and this night we were looking over the latter half of the last chapter. The Pastor read through verses 14 and 15, and for some reason at that point what he was talking about did not even register with me. Then he began to talk about prayer, and I was like, "WAIT! This is exactly what the LORD has been talking to me about this week!". Isn't it just amazing how when you read or hear something and the LORD reinforces it again by hearing it somewhere else? :D

Basically what was said that night was what the LORD had been showing me all week. HE just knew I needed to hear it even more. :D

GOD wants us to speak to HIM. HE wants to hear our requests. HE also delights in answering those requests if they are in HIS will.

21 Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God.

22 And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. 1 John 3:21-22

This doesn't mean that HE will answer our request exactly how we would like. It means that if we seek to do HIS will, HE will answer how HE sees best. It may not be the outcome we so greatly desire, but it will be the one GOD ordained, and HE knows best. HE is in control! We just have to trust HIM to work just as HE sees fit. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it is best. :)

So, I will continue to make my request known to GOD, and HE will continue to answer them in the way HE so greatly desires. And I am so thankful for that. :D

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Praise the Lord, Angel! The Lord moves in such wonderful ways to speak His love to us! :-)

    I'm glad to hear from you - I know it had only been a few days since you posted, but you've been on my heart lately, for some reason. I pray that everything is going great for you! :-)

    Have a wonderful evening, my friend!



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