Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Marriage, Not the Wedding...

Good day friends and family! I pray that you are all having a blessed day in our LORD! It's a cold one here in my neck of the woods. The temps are only supposed to reach about 45 today. But the sun is shining, and that is a blessing in itself.

Well, it sure has been awhile since I posted a life update on here. To say the least, life has been pretty busy here. There has been school to teach, animals to tend to, cleaning to do, planning the wedding, preparing for the marriage, as well as setting up our house. There really hasn't been much time for much else. :D

Wedding planning is going splendidly. I have decided upon just a simple sort of ceremony and reception at our church. All the decor is planned, the menu is set, music has been planned, and pretty much the only thing left is to start set up the week after Easter.

But I will go ahead and tell you, I don't know that I have quite as much excitement over planning the wedding, as I do when planning the marriage. Planning the wedding has been great fun, and a joy. But planning out our house and new lives, has been a greater joy! I can honestly say, that if the actual wedding doesn't turn out exactly how I planned, as far as little details go, I will be perfectly okay in that.

GOD has shown me over the past few weeks, it's not about the decorations, the music played, or where anyone sits. The wedding should be solely focused on Justin and I joining our lives, before GOD our Savior  in the holy estate of matrimony. None of the other things matter.

Sure they set up a nice atmosphere and make the day a little more special. But what makes the day important and truly special, is that we are stepping into a new chapter of our lives, seeking to honor and glory GOD in that holy union. And I am more looking forward to that life lasting union with the one whom my soul loveth. :D

Well, as much as I hate to get off of here I better. This is the first day in quite awhile where I have not had to go any where or do anything, and there are a couple of projects around here I would love to get caught up on. Until next time...

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Carlos, our cat, trying to figure out exactly what's going on with those silly humans...
Credit for pics goes to my sister...


  1. Congrats, Angel and Justin! I am very happy for the both of you, and will be praying for you in this time of preparing(: your post was written so beautifully, and is so true the marriage will be way better then a wedding!

    In Christ,

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  3. Angel,You have such an amazing outlook on your life now and in the future! : ) May the Lord continue to bless you both as you prepare for your weddubg and life together!

  4. Hi Angel! I meant to comment on this post and tell you how lovely it was ... I'm a little horrified at myself to realize that I never did! :-(

    I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I've been praying for both of you as you near the time for your marriage, and I will continue to do so! God's blessings be with you as you build your new family, my dear friend!

    Lots of love,


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