Monday, March 10, 2014

Ice Storms and Time

Oh what a beautiful day it has been is here in my neck of the woods! As a matter of fact, it has been a beautiful past few days. The sun has been shining brightly and temps have been in the lower to mid-70’s. It has been so wonderful after such having days last week in the forties. Thank-you LORD for this beautiful day!

So how has life been for each of dear friends? Life’s moved merrily along here. Busy as usual, but wonderfully blessed.

We had a bit of snow in January. It was the first time it has snowed in this area in almost 3 years. I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of snow. Mainly because it’s cold and wet, and this southern belle despises being cold. ;) But seeing it lay so beautifully on the ground was a nice a change of scenery.
 We had an ice storm hit about two weeks later. That however was no fun at all. We lost electricity for 3 days. Thankfully Justin’s parents had a kerosene heater, so we were able to hang out at their house and be somewhat warm for a day. The next day Justin had to go to work, so I took advantage of the cleared roads and headed over to my parents (who only lost power for 3 hours) for the day. And oh how wonderful it was to be warm! :D

Those few days really tried both mine and Justin’s patience, but thankfully we survived it with no injuries, and no major damage. It made us all the more thankful for the luxury of electricity when it was finally restored.

Other than that, life has been fairly normal. My job teaching K-3 has been going well. Each child has been doing fairly well, and there have been no serious behavior issues. Although lately it seems as if they are all pretty short with one another. Not sure what’s going on there. Prayerfully it won’t last long and everyone will get along better.

And of course there have been the daily chores of keeping the house clean and hubby and I fed.
I can hardly believe it, but Justin and I will have been married for 1 year on April 6th.
Time has just flown by! And I don’t know how it is possible, but I daily fall more in love with that amazing man!:D

Well, I’ve got to get off of here for now. Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. It's always great to see your blog pop up in my feed. : ) It sounds as if you are keeping busy! I've been busy finishing school,working, and looking forward to Spring!


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