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9 Lessons From 13 Months of Marriage

Life is full of learning experiences. No matter where you are in life, or where you’re going there is always something to learn. While learning can be difficult at times, you come out knowing so much more than you ever thought possible. And the great thing about that fact, is you are able to share those experiences with others, so they don’t make the same mistakes you did.

I’ve been married for 13 months now. And while I am certainly no expert in this field, I have gained some experiences I would like to share with other young married women, as well as the single ladies. Here are 9 things I have learned from my first 13 months of marriage.

1. GOD has to come first in your life just as much, if not more than when you were single. It should not have been, but was a bit surprising to me to realize just how much I need the LORD in my marriage. Without HIS guidance and love, my marriage will not survive. I see it firsthand daily. HE is the only one that can provide my deepest longings. ONLY HIM.

2.Never under ANY circumstances say that you are not feeling well, going to the doctor, or suffering from some physical malady. Unless of course you want people to think you’re pregnant. This one thing has drove me CRAZY! I can’t say that I have a headache, or am tired, or have a cold, without getting a smile back. (WINK, WINK) Come on people! Non-prego ladies suffer physical issues too! :)
3.You might feel as if you are on an extended vacation at times, but with responsibilities. Not too long after we were married, I told Justin that I feel as if I am living in a hotel at times. Like any day I should be going back to my parents’ home, back to my old bed, and back to my old life. Weird, but it’s true.O_o

4.Have patience with your husband’s learning to dwell in knowledge with you. Justin is an amazing man, and so patient, and loving. And he does strive to learn to know me, and my habits and dislikes. But sometimes those learning endeavors don’t go too well. Like learning not to speak to me before I am fully awake, or the first time he really saw me suffer from full blown PMS, and I was trying really hard to be kind to him, but all I really felt like doing was screaming. Yeah…

5.  Respect is not always easy. I heard someone say that when your authority figure is kind and Christ-like themselves, it makes it “easy” to reverence them. Sorry, but this does not always hold true for this wife.  My husband is the most self sacrificing man ever! While it makes it easier, it is not “easy” at times. We are all human beings with a sin nature, and I happen to have a mind of my own when it come to important matters ( a habit GOD is daily helping me break) That’s when I have to step away for a moment, throw myself at the feet of Jesus and BEG for the LORD’s guidance and help in fulfilling my command to respect my husband, and his wishes and desires. :)

6.  Learn about your husband, just as he is to learn about you. You may think you know everything about your true love before your married, but it is just not so. Not until you have lived with someone, and seen their daily habits will you truly get to know them. Learn what he likes and dislikes, from food to bed room time, he will L-O-V-E your knowledge of him. ;)

7. Modesty will become more important than you ever thought possible. Listen my friends! Until you’re married, and have seen firsthand the effect the female form has over a man, you will never understand how important keeping your body covered in a non-provocative way is. Just trust me on this one ya’ll. Never before have I become so conscious of what I wear in public... 

8.  Don’t spill out your days problems till the man has been fed. This advice was given to me during our pre-marital counseling. It’s kinda like the Snickers commercial. The one that says “you’re not you when you’re hungry”. And that may be the case with your guy. Feed your hubby, listen to his day, then spill the beans. :D

9.  Last but not least, love your husband. I mean true sacrificial love. Show it to him daily. Even when it when it gets hard, love him harder. He goes through a lot during his days at work. Listen to his heart, even when your heart is full of pain. Make his favorite meals. Sneak little love notes into his lunchbox, or in his truck. Believe me, he’ll love you even more for it.: D

Oh yes, here is a bonus, have fun! Marriage is an AMAZING gift from GOD. Cherish it. Put time and effort into, and it will grow more beautiful by the day.

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. #2 made me laugh--it's true, never admit to feeling unwell!


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