Monday, August 11, 2014


 “Busyness chokes deep thinking.”
― Todd Stocker
And that about sums up why I have not really blogged much of late. I have had so many blog ideas pop into my head, but have not had hardly anytime to sit and think them through. With usual housework, exercising, and quite a few church functions, life has been pretty non-stop here of late.
But it has been a good busy. One filled with fun, adventure, and yes even work...
Three weekends ago, our church went on a camping/ rafting trip. It was so nice to go up to the mountains, and view some different scenery...

Oh, and getting pretty cold and wet on the Nantahala River...

After we returned home, I was able to have some dear friends over for lunch. It was such a blessing talking with them. Friends are such a gift from GOD. :D
VBS was in our near future at that time. I was in charge of craft for all 5 days last week. So the week before was spent preparing and purchasing supplies.
Justin taught the 5th-6th grade class. I was commissioned to decorate his class. The theme was "Cross Canyon Trail". So western décor was essential...
The cacti are made from pool noodles and toothpicks.
I dressed like a cowgirl everyday...
And my hubby wore a matching hat...
It was a very good week. Attendance each night was good, and each child seemed to have fun, and I thank the LORD for that. But I am also thankful it is over. Every day was the same last week. Wake up, exercise, rush to clean the house, eat lunch, start preparing for the evening by 2, shower and be ready to leave by 4:30,  not get home until 8:30 or 9, then come home and cook supper for the hubby. Very exhausting for this homebody... 

Oh yeah! My handsome prince surprised me the last night. He took the top half way down on the jeep, and we rode to town, under an almost full moon, to enjoy some much needed quality time, and a Cookout milkshake. YUMMM!!! :D
My sister came for a visit today. I was quite surprised to hear a knock at my door and see her standing there. :D We spent 2hours talking and reminiscing about days gone by. Just like we used to every night before we went to sleep. :)
I hope to get some rest tonight. And maybe even read a chapter or two in the book I just ordered. It's "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina May Gaskin. I've been wanting to read this one for awhile now, and finally found it used on Amazon for only 5 bucks. Oh yes...

The rest of the week looks to be fairly easy going. Normal life stuff. Even a birthday on Thursday. I shalt be twentay fo'. Whew, I'm getting old. :D
What have you been up to of late?
Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello, dear friend!

    You have been busy! I'm so glad to get a peek into your life ... and I'm so glad your hubby took you out for a late night milkshake. Those times are the best!

    I would love to hear about your teaching experience sometime. If the Lord will it, I will be substituting this coming year. I already have two days on the horizon. But I'm terribly afraid! :) However do you keep all those young ones in check? I'd love to get some tips!

    Thank you for sharing how God has worked in your life over the last few years ... He is so good to lead us to better things than what we hoped for. Keep rejoicing in these changes -- I know He is and will continue making beautiful, wondrous things from them!!

    God's bless you richly!

    1. Thank you for the sweet words Frannie!

      This will be my 5th year teaching a K-3 class. We follow the Abeka curriculum, so everything is pretty much laid out for me, as far as lessons, stories, etc. go. I have been doing it so long, I don't even write out lesson plans. It's engraved into my head, and I know what comes next each day. :)

      Each group of students is different, and what works with keeping one bunch in order hasn't worked with another group. What helps keep 3 year old/s attention the best is constant change in what we work on through the day. Their attention span lasts about as long as a gnat. :P As far as behavior issues, I try to spend more time encouraging their good behavior, and that seems to make them want to please you, But if not, I have a candy/sticker chest for the end of the day. And if they are particularly disobedient, they don't get to go into it. ;)

      Prayer has been the biggest help in getting me through a rough day with them. I'm not a naturally patient person. And the LORD has definitely used this job to help me with that one. :D

      What grade will you be substituting? Praying that it goes smoothly for you! :D


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