Wednesday, August 13, 2014

GOD's Will and Changed Plans

As much as you want to plan your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned. That's what you call GOD's will.

When I was in my early days of high school, I never imagined my life would be what it is now. I imagined I would be just graduated from college, maybe as a marine biologist, or an optometrist. Maybe dating a man with those same interests.

Then in the later years of high school, those imaginings changed. I wanted to be married soon after graduating high school. I wanted to be married to a farmer, raise our own animals, and crops, and have at least a dozen kids.

Following graduation those dreams of being married and having children were kept, but never hoped for much, for fear of them never coming true.

I sort of floundered the days following high school graduation. I really didn't know what GOD wanted from me in my life. 

I was working at a local restaurant as a waitress at that time. I wanted to be a stay at home daughter, staying at home, preparing for the day I would hopefully be married. But my financial situation would not allow it. I continued working there, but was very unhappy.

I decided that maybe GOD did not have marriage in my future, so I better find a more steady job.

I took a class at a community college, that trained for becoming an optometric/ophthalmic assistant. At times I felt wonderful, thinking this was what GOD had in store for my life. But most of the time, I felt uneasy.

Before I finished the class, the restaurant I worked at closed unexpectedly, and I was out of a job.

But I didn't feel too upset over that fact. There were only 2-3 weeks left of the class, and I knew that soon I could be looking for a job as an ophthalmic assistant.

I finished the class and quickly began my search for a job. I submitted my resume to no joke, over a dozen optometry offices. I soon received a call from 1 office to come in for an interview, and was pretty excited about it.

I went to the interview, and felt as if I aced it, and came home and prayed about it.

Soon after though, a wave of uneasiness came over me, and I was not so sure this was what GOD had in store for me.

Instead of calming peace, I felt wave after wave of doubt. Did I really want to leave my family all day, and work in an office? Sure I would be making money, and providing for myself, but would that fulfill what GOD has planned for me?

My greatest desire was to be a stay at home daughter, and felt that was where GOD really wanted me.

After A LOT of prayer, and talking with my parents, I gave in and told GOD I will take this leap of faith, and spend time preparing for the day you have prepared for me to become a wife.

I stopped looking for jobs in optometry offices, and prayed for the LORD to show me a way to be a stay at home daughter, and be able to meet my financial needs.

The very same day, I received a phone call from a lady at our church. Her family owns and runs a Christian camp. She told me they needed help in the kitchen that summer, and asked if I would be willing to help, 3 days a week.

What an answer to prayer!

I was able to earn some financial income, and still have plenty of time to devote to serving my family as a stay at home daughter, for 3 summer camping sessions, and 3 fall sessions.

During the fall of 2010, another lady from my church approached me about another job opportunity. She asked if I would be willing to teach the K-3 class at our church's Christian Academy. The job would be two half days a week.

Another answer to prayer.

At that point, I had two jobs. One for summer months, and the other for the rest of the year.

I knew marriage wasn't in my near future. I even began to think it was never in my future, and the LORD would have me spend the rest of my days serving my family, and those in my community.

But a young man, whom I had gone to church with since I was 3, began to grow important to me during the fall of 2010. I even wondered if this tall, red head would be the one GOD calls me to serve the rest of my days, as his wife.

This young man was shy though, and while he took a great interest in me, he never implied anything more than friendship.

Our friendship continued, but my feelings grew deeper. And I was not totally sure if this man's feelings were the same.

I never thought I would be the one to approach the man on the "status" of our relationship. That was his job! Or so I thought.

But there is safety in a multitude of counselors. And the multitude I was with all said the same, you need to know where you stand with him.

January of 2012, after A LOT of prayer, and even fasting, I approached the man about our current status, and even our future.

He admitted his shyness kept him from being anything further than friends, and the timing was not right.

Until then.

Justin and I courted for almost 10 months. We were engaged for 3 1/2 months.

We have now been married 16 months.

I'm not a marine biologist. I'm not a farmer's wife. I'm not an ophthalmic assistant.

I was a stay at home daughter.

But now I'm a wife.

Wife to a civil engineer, cooking his meals, and cleaning our little castle daily. Eagerly preparing and awaiting the day we have our own little prince and princesses.

I serve in our church wherever I am needed.

I continue to work at our church's Christian school, two half days a week, until said children arrive.

No, my life is DEFINATLY not what I planned it to be.

But I'm in GOD's will. I'm exactly where I should be.

How have your life plans changed? Where has GOD's will taken you?

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Angel! Have been thinking about the topic of God's will and where I'm headed in life as well. Very anxious as I head back to college as a junior and think about my romantic relationship (probably ending :( taking this month to seek the Lord on that), friendships, job opportunities. Life is so unpredictable, but I'm thankful that the Lord will fulfill His purpose for me (Psalm 138:8) even with all my mistakes and fears.

    1. Very well said! It is a blessing and comfort to know GOD has our lives in HIS hands and will work all things together for HIM. :D

  2. wow. this post resonate with me SO DEEPLY because in SO many ways, this IS MY STORY. but I DO NOT feel comfortable posting a full comment. is there any way to share some things with you without it being made public to the entire "blogging world" ? :) thanks

    1. Sure! There is an e-mail address on the side bar under "contact me". Feel free to e-mail me anytime! :)

  3. oh my soul. I completely missed it! *facepalm* :D


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