Monday, October 20, 2014

I Cried, But Thankful I Went

Oh, how I love Mondays! I might be the only person in the world to think that thought, but it holds very true for me. Mondays around my house mean staying home, and cleaning, and did I mention staying at home? ;)
I especially feel grateful for this Monday, as it is the first day I have been at home all day in two weeks. I have either been at church, working, or out of town. There has not been the slightest need to rush around today. I even sat down a little while a go, and just sipped a glass of hot apple cider, put on the Sherlock Series 3 soundtrack, and stared out the window, at my chickens pecking and scratching around. :D
I mentioned a little while back that I was planning on going with my family to West Virginia to see my dad's branch of the family. While my mouth was saying I was going, my mind was screaming "no way".
I had never been away from my husband, since being married 18 months ago. And the thought of traveling over 400 miles away from him, didn't set well. (my family was even jokingly taking bets on whether I would actually go).
I went back and forth, and back and forth, on my decision. And trust me, there were quite a few tears shed trying to decide what to do... I knew I needed to visit some of my aging, and sick relatives, but I did NOT want to go without my sweet hubby. 
In the end, I decided on going. Thirty minutes before they planned on leaving. :P
Thankfully, I drove the whole trip. I think that if I had not, I would have cried the whole 8 hour ride there. The LORD worked that out perfectly. :D
Here are some picture of my journey in the mountains...
A lake me, my brother, and sister hiked around on Sunday...

The fall foliage was GORGEOUS!!!

There were some very tame dear living near this lake. I was quite killer to my brother and I to be so close to venison, and not be able to "harvest" it. :P
A state park overlook...

Brother, and sisters, being brother and sisters with grandma... :D
Left to right: Daddy, Mama, brother Noah, Moi, and sister Grace...
My walking path early Monday morning. I would be in such amazing shape if I lived up there...
I was able to take the Jeep off road, ad go up some pretty steep mountains. I got her good and muddy...
Another state park on Monday evening...

An old barn on our drive back home Tuesday afternoon...

I survived the trip, by calling Justin 3-4 times a day, and cuddling up to the stuffed frog he gave me on our first Valentine's day. :D

In the end, I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to travel, and visit family. I missed Justin terribly, and felt as if some part of me was missing quite a bit of the time, but the time I spent with my family is precious to me. :D

Have you ever spent time away from your hubby? How did you cope? Am I the only to cry about spending three days without their husband?

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I live in the desert, so looking at your pictures of fall foliage are like looking at Heaven! It looks too good to be real! I don't think I have spent a day away from my husband since getting married 5 months ago, but I hadn't thought about it. I wouldn't cry if I was away from him (I'm not a crier generally), but I would definitely want to call him each day and tell him what was going on!

    1. I had never seen leaves that color before. It was really nice having the opportunity to see such beauty. I live along the NC coast, and about the only trees we have are pine.

      I'm not typically a crier either. But something about leaving him made me crack. :D Calling him did help. :)

  2. What beautiful scenery!! I am glad to hear you enjoyed your trip despite having to leave your husband at home, Angel:). So lovely to visit again!


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